Please submit your contact information to start your application for becoming a Jr Ecologist.

To COMPLETE your application you need to (1) fill in all the information below, (2) answer a series of reflection questions, and

(3) submit two references. You may also choose to apply for one of our Mona Mailhes Youth Leaders Scholarships.

Instructions on how to send the references will be displayed once you submit this section (You'll also get an email).

Make sure you follow ALL of the directions, otherwise your application isn't complete and we can't consider you for the program!

We are happy to answer any questions sent to


Applicant Information

We gather this information for our own records and grants.

("Member Number" is your Audubon membership is you have one. If not, leave it blank)

Contact Information

Please provide the PRIMARY contact information for the applicant. This the phone number and email address we will use to send further information. WE CANNOT CONTACT YOU IF THIS SECTION ISN'T ACCURATE. Please double check.


Which school does the applicant currently attend?

Program Cost & Scholarships

The regular tuition for the program is $150 for non-members ($125 for Audubon members). This covers the cost of uniforms, field trips, and training materials. Scholarships are available and there will be a link to the scholarship application on the confirmation page after you submit this form.

Parents Contact Infomation

Please provide contact information for both of your parents/guardians including the best way to reach them. If you only live with one parent, please give us an emergency contact as well.

Question 3

IMPORTANT! Please read!

Before submitting my application, I acknowledge:

- If I am accepted, I must be available between June 8 - June 19 for summer training, and June and July for weekly shifts. I will not plan special events or vacations during that time.

- The Youth Volunteer Program will be my #1 extracurricular priority this summer.

- Furthermore, I understand that my application will only be complete once it is submitted in full (including the separate Reflection Questions) and BOTH of my references have submitted their recommendations.