Please complete this application form if you are interested in becoming a Beyond Housing volunteer. Once you complete the form, click the Continue button at the bottom.

Name and address

Demographic Information

Please provide the following information. It is used only to help us get a better idea of the demographic make-up of our volunteers.

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Terms & Conditions

1. Release: I understand that I am volunteering my services to Beyond Housing. I further understand that the nature of my volunteer activities may involve physical activity, contact with unidentified and unfamiliar persons, travel to and from various unspecified locations, and other potential risks of injury. With full knowledge of the risks associated with such volunteer activities, I hereby release, indemnify and hold harmless Beyond Housing and each of their respective employees, officers, directors, volunteers, agents, agencies and funding sources from all liability and responsibility pertaining to any claims, demands and actions resulting from my participation in such volunteer activities, including claims, demands and actions resulting from injuries, physical or mental, or property damage (including any injury or damage caused by negligence). The foregoing also includes any liability to anyone transporting me to or from any Beyond Housing activity.
2. Medical Treatment: I release Beyond Housing from any claims whatsoever which arise or may hereafter arise as a result of any first aid, treatment of service rendered in connection with my participation as a volunteer or with the decision by any representative of Beyond Housing to exercise the power to consent to medical or dental treatment.
3. Photos: I grant Beyond Housing permission to utilize my likeness in any photographs or videos for publicity and other purposes without fee or any claim relating to such photographs or videos.
4. Confidentiality Policy: Any information that a volunteer learns about Beyond Housing, or its members or donors, as a result of working with Beyond Housing that is not otherwise publicly available constitutes confidential information. Volunteers may not disclose confidential information to anyone who is not employed by Beyond Housing or to other persons employed by Beyond Housing who do not need to know such information to assist in rendering services. The disclosure, distribution, electronic transmission or copying of Beyond Housing’s confidential information is prohibited. Any person who discloses Beyond Housing’s confidential information will be subject to disciplinary action, even if he or she does not actually benefit from the disclosure of such information. I understand the above policy and pledge not to disclose confidential information.
5. Background Check: Each volunteer is subject to a background screening that investigates our volunteers’ criminal backgrounds. Beyond Housing acknowledges the significance of cultivating and preserving a volunteer community that is secure and safe with reliable and qualified volunteers. The third-party company that Beyond Housing uses is Missouri DHSS Family Care Safety Registry.
6. COVID-19 Protocol: Visitors may not enter Beyond Housing facilities if they are or have experienced any COVID-19 symptoms, been exposed to COVID-19, or have tested positive to COVID-19 within the last 14 days. Face coverings must be worn at all times for any indoor or outdoor volunteer activities.