Thank you for considering volunteering at the UC Santa Cruz Arboretum. Volunteers are essential in keeping the plant collections growing and providing fundamental support to the Arboretum's mission of connecting people with plants.

Spring of 2021 Please NOTE: At this time, volunteer opportunities are very limited and due to covid-19 and staff availability, we are not actively recruiting new volunteers. If you submit an application, we will try to contact you as soon as we can, but it may take several weeks or longer. Thank you for your patience.

Please complete the following application to help us learn more about you and what volunteer position(s) you may benefit from most. The skills and interests section will also serve to help us match our volunteer needs with your strengths and interests.

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Thank you for your time and interest in volunteering at the Arboretum!

Tell Us About Yourself

Volunteers under 18 years of age must have guardian approval; unfortunately, we do not allow volunteers under 15 at this time.

What Are Your Skills and Interests?

We want to know what you're good at and what you're passionate about to help find the right volunteering opportunities for you! Like the seasons, the Arboretum's volunteer needs can vary throughout the year. Knowing some of your skills and interests can be immensely helpful in filling these evolving needs.

Please tell us about your volunteer experience.

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Are You Interested In A Certain Position?

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If you are unsure or have no preference, we can assist in identifying a good match based on your skills and interests and/or where we have the most need.

To best match your availability with our current volunteer opportunities, please use this guide to see when groups meet:

Aroma Garden - varies

Board Committees - varies

California Conservation Garden - Thursday mornings

Friday Sweepers - Friday mornings

Garden Docent - Daily including weekends

Kiwi Garden Club - Tuesday mornings

Lane Horticultural Library - Wednesday - Sunday

Marketing & Communication - varies

Natives First Gardeners (Entrance Garden) - Tuesday mornings

Norrie's Garden Shop - daily, 10am - 4:30pm - 2 x 3hr shifts

Special Events - varies, mostly weekends

Special Projects/Other - varies

Succulent Group - Weekdays mornings 10am start time

Tour Guide - varies

Wayside Weeders - Wednesday mornings

Weeders Without Borders - Thursday mornings

When Are You Available?

The Arboretum is open 9am-5pm everyday except July 4, Thanksgiving, Christmas and the first week of January.

Emergency Contact

Please provide at least one Emergency Contact with name and current telephone number.

Criminal history

Have you ever been convicted of a criminal felony?

If yes, please describe the nature of the crime and the date of the conviction.

I Agree

I certify that all of the statements made on this application are true, complete, and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief and are made in good faith. The UC Santa Cruz Arboretum is an equal opportunity organization. Volunteers may not be prevented from a volunteer opportunity based on sex, race, ethnicity, creed, religion or age.

Acceptance of this application by the UC Santa Cruz Arboretum does not guarantee a volunteer position. It is the right of this organization to decide on the assignation of volunteers and volunteer positions. I acknowledge that this is a non-paid position with no promise, expressed or implied, of consideration for future employment.