Please complete this form for your group if you are interested in having 3-15 individuals volunteer at Pennypack Farm & Education Center. Once you complete the form, click the Continue button at the bottom. For groups greater than 15, please contact Kristy at
Completion of this form does not guarantee a specific date or task, it is used to gather information about your group so that the Farm can best place you.

Name and address

Please enter the name of the group leader who is coordinating the volunteers, the group name (i.e. your company, group home, school, etc), and corresponding address and phone number.

Numbers and details

Please provide us with an approximate number of volunteers we should expect with your group.
We understand that this may change as the date approaches.


Pennypack Farm generally hosts groups on Tuesday and Thursday mornings between mid-May and mid-November. Please indicate if you have a preference for a day or month.

Suggested Donation

We are so thankful to have additional helping hands at Pennypack Farm & Education Center. Corporate partners are absolutely vital to our ability to sustain and further develop our mission. Our mission is making local sustainable agriculture an important part of our community through farming, education, and community events. We are proud to donate thousands of pounds of our fresh vegetables to food pantries in Montgomery Country who serve those who are food insecure. The corporate groups who come to volunteer learn about sustainable farming practices, connect with coworkers in new ways and leave feeling good about giving back to their community.

We hope that you will consider making a corporate donation as a part of your trip to the farm.

A donation of $150 will help us donate over 100 pounds of fresh produce to local food pantries in Montgomery County.

A donation of $300 will help us donate over 100 pounds of fresh produce to local food pantries in Montgomery County and offer a subsidized summer farm share to a low-income neighbor.

A donation of $500 will allow us to offer two low-income families in our area subsidized summer farm shares.

Waiver and Release of Liability

In consideration of being permitted access to Pennypack Farm & Education Center, I, the undersigned, expressly agree and contract, on behalf of myself, my company/organization, my heirs, executors, administrators, family members, next of kin, successors and assigns, that Pennypack Farm & Education Center, and their insurers, partners, directors, employees, officers, associates, affiliates, attorneys and agents (hereinafter referred to as “Releasees”), shall not be liable for any loss, expenses or damages arising from personal injuries (including death) sustained by us in, on, or about the Premises or any facilities or equipment therein, regardless of whether such injuries result, in whole or in part, from the negligence of the Releasees.
By the execution of this agreement, we accept and assume full responsibility for and risk of any and all injuries, damages (both economic and non-economic), and losses of any type, which may occur to us as a result of our presence upon or about the Premises.
We agree to be solely responsible for our own safety and well-being. We hereby fully and forever release, waive and discharge the Releasees from any and all claims, demands, damages, rights of action, or causes of action, present or future, whether the same be known or unknown, anticipated, or unanticipated, resulting from or arising out of our presence upon or about the Premises.
Volunteer Photo Release Statement: We give permission for PFEC to photograph my group for appropriate promotional purposes. We do not expect nor will we receive any form of compensation for the photograph/s and furthermore waive any future rights to compensation for use of pictures of our group. I also understand and agree that the photograph/s are and and will remain the property of PFEC and they shall retain all rights and privileges associated with ownership of these photograph/s.