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Please note that all on-site volunteer opportunities are for persons ages 14 years and older.

If you would like information on additional ways to give or if you have any questions please call (480) 889-0604 or email

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If you are completing community service that is either court ordered or for a school/club/etc, please provide to following:

*Name and contact information for the organization and person(s) overseeing your required hours
*Total number of hours required
*Completion date for your service

Court ordered community service is only available in the warehouse for people 16 years of age and older.

In addition, you are responsible for the completion of any forms or documents requested by the court and you understand that you are not permitted to supervise or care for minors while completing community service.

If neither applies, please type N/A.

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Any offense against minors as defined by state law

A misdemeanor or felony offense as defined by state law that is classified:

sexual assault
indecency with a minor or adult
assault of a minor or adult
injury to a minor or adult
abandoning or endangering a minor
sexual performance with a minor or adult
possession or promotion of child pornography
enticing a minor
drug-related offenses
family violence

A prior criminal history of an offense against minors

I certify that the statements provided in the application are true and complete, and any misrepresentation or omission may be grounds for rejection or dismissal of the applicant.

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