Thank you for your interest in becoming a CAP volunteer! To begin the process, please complete and submit the following application. Once submitted, visit our volunteer page to register for an upcoming orientation. 

*Please note sessions are held monthly and may be at full capacity and no longer visible online. If no orientation is available, be sure to come back and visit us for new dates!

Personal Information

Emergency Contact Information

Medical Considerations

Please list any medical conditions we need to be made aware of.

Does your company have a Matching Gift Program?

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Do you have previous volunteer experience?

If so, please list and indicate if you are a returning CAP volunteer.

Do you have special skills?

Please list any skills you feel would be an asset to CAP such as carpentry, landscaping, fundraising, etc. 

Volunteer Preferences

Volunteer Acknowledgement

Please review the following:

-I am at least 14 years of age or older.

-I understand if age 14-15 my parent/legal guardian must co-volunteer with me at all times.

-I understand if age 18 and older a background check may be conducted and understand if     found to be ineligible, I will not be allowed to participate in the program.

-I understand that hours earned through the volunteer program cannot fulfill court-ordered    community service requirements.

-I understand the minimum requirement to volunteer is twice-a-month for six months and     understand my account will be deactivated and I will no longer be eligible to volunteer if this   requirement is not met.

-I understand CAP requires I be Tetanus vaccinated to participate in the  volunteer program       and agree to submit a copy to Volunteer Coordinator.

By checking "I agree", you acknowledge that you have fully read and understand all of the above.