Please complete this application form if you are interested in becoming an Adams County SPCA volunteer. If this is for court ordered Community Service you must provide your Probation Officer Contact Information. Once you complete the form, click the submit button at the bottom.

Name and address

School Project

Please tell us about your school project including the name of the school and what are the total hours required for service? Service for school projects does not include dog or cat socialization.

Community Service

Please fill out this section if you have been court ordered to do community service. The cost is $50, plus $25 for membership and a t-shirt. Community service does not include dog or cat socialization or events. IMPORTANT: Please read the rules and regulations concerning community service in the agreement section.

Please give us the contact information for your Probation Officer.

Dog Law/Humane Violation



Please provide at least 2 references that are not related to you.

Emergency Contact

Please provide an emergency contact name and number.

Insurance and Liability

1. All volunteers must wear a volunteer t-shirt when volunteering. Shirts can be purchased for $10 in the office. All community service volunteers, that are court mandated, must pay a non-refundable fee of $50 in order to serve at the Adams County SPCA.

2. No comments should ever be made to the news media by a volunteer. All questions should be referred to the Shelter Manager or Board President.

3. All volunteer applications must be approved by the Shelter Manager before services may begin.

4. Volunteer must attend orientation.

5. The Adams County SPCA is not liable for any damage or theft to the volunteer's property; personal property is the sole responsibility of the person to whom it belongs. Volunteers are encouraged to leave valuables and other personal property at home.

6. The Adams County SPCA is not liable for any personal injury, and or illness to volunteers, Volunteer's family, or anyone that may be accompanying them during their volunteer time.

7. The Adams County SPCA reserves the right to deny anyone at anytime the right to volunteer for any reason.

8. Any expenses incurred while volunteering are considered a donation and will not be reimbursed. Any reimbursable costs must always be approved by the Shelter Manager before the expense has been incurred.

9. Any volunteer that is in direct contact with any Adams County SPCA animal, at any time must have personal health insurance coverage, Medicare, Medicade, or other health coverage. If the volunteer does not have the listed health insurance they are restricted to non-animal volunteering ONLY. The Adams County SPCA does not cover volunteer injuries.

I agree to hold the SPCA harmless for any injurious act the animal(s) may commit. I have read and understand the animal shelter rules and procedures, and I agree to abide by these rules and follow the procedures in which I have been instructed. I understand that any volunteer who violates the rules may be asked to leave.

Community Service Rules and Regulations
1)You must first attend Volunteer Orientation, and pay the registration fee of $75; which includes fee, membership, and t-shirt, before service can begin.

2)The staff of the Adams County SPCA has the right to advise you of work that needs done.

3)While you are on the Adams County SPCA Property you are to treat all animals and people with the utmost respect
and care.

4)No visitors are allowed, unless pre-approved by Shelter Manager.

5)There is to be NO cell phone use while service is being completed.

6)All Community Service Personnel will be required to practice proper Infection Control Practices. If you are not aware of these practices or have questions please ask an ACSPCA Staff member.

7)While you are on the ACSPCA Property and you are completing Community Service you are considered a representative of the Adams County SPCA and are expected to be professional and considerate.

8)The Adams County SPCA has the right to stop or deny anyone the ability to obtain community service through our organization for any reason at any time.

9)Always remember you are here for the animals.

10)By filling in the time sheet attached you are attesting to work being completed at the Adams County SPCA in the time period given.

11)Each day of Service, Time Sheet must be signed off on the day and time it is completed by an SPCA Staff member.

12)Community Service is SERVICE related volunteering; it will not involve playing or interacting with animals to any extent. The time will be spent cleaning the building and doing required daily care for the animals at the shelter. Any interaction time may be done after you have signed off for your time and you have completed a Volunteer Orientation.

13)We appreciate your help in caring for the animals here at the Adams County SPCA
By signing below I understand the rules and regulations that have been given to me. If I do not comply with the above rules and regulations the ACSPCA has the right to deny the service worked, and refuse future service to be completed.