All Midcoast Humane volunteers must:

  • Have proof of Covid-19 vaccination
  • Be at least 16 years of age to volunteer independently or least 13 years of age to volunteer with a parent/legal guardian (volunteer assignments limited for under 16 volunteers).
  • Commit to volunteering at least twice a month for the next six months.
  • Be capable of safely handling animals independently.
  • Have their own health insurance.
  • Have access to email and internet

Please fill out each question to the best of your ability to move forward in the volunteer process. All questions much be answered in order to move forward.

Personal Information


Legal Guardian (if volunteer is under 16)

Midcoast Humane welcomes volunteers over 13 years of age to volunteer at the shelter. However, for children under 16, we do require a legal guardian to volunteer alongside the under 16 year old, including attending orientation and training. If you are under 16, please have your legal guardian fill out an application, as well.


Emergency Contact Information

Interests and Skills

Please select the volunteer positions that are of interest to you.

Statement of Interest

Please provide a detailed statement explaining why you are interested in volunteering for Midcoast Humane, and what you wish to accomplish by participating in Midcoast Humane's volunteer program.

Animal Experience

Do you have animal experience? If yes, please explain.

Midcoast Humane Experience

Have you previously volunteered or fostered for Midcoast Humane, Coastal Humane Society, or Lincoln County Animal Shelter? If yes, in what role?

Community Service

If you are volunteering to fulfill a court-ordered community service requirement, please fill out our 'Court-Ordered Community Service Volunteer Application'. If you are volunteering to fulfill a community service requirement not through a court order, for example for a graduation requirement, please list how many hours are required and the date to complete them by. If neither of these applies to you, please write "no".


Do you require any accommodations in order to volunteer? Examples would include an interpreter or one-on-one support like a job coach.

Selection and Placement

Applicants are reviewed on an individual basis, and selection and placement of volunteers is based on the current needs of Midcoast Humane and the skills and interests of the volunteer. Please be aware that a limited number of volunteers can be accommodated and that a period of several weeks may be required for orientation and training.

By clicking, “I Agree,” you certify that all information provided on the application was provided by the applicant and not another party. You acknowledge that Midcoast Humane is not responsible for any injury or harm to your person or your personal belongings while volunteering or training to become a volunteer.