Thank you for your interest in becoming a volunteer at the Oregon Coast Aquarium! Please complete this application form and click the Continue button at the bottom.

Contact Information

Demographic Information

You may optionally provide the following information. It is used only to help us get a better idea of the demographic make-up of our volunteers.

Volunteer Interest

Tell us why you are interested in volunteering at the Oregon Coast Aquarium.
To gain knowledge of marine life?
To teach visitors of all ages about marine animals and habitats?
For social interactions with other volunteers and the chance to make new friends?
To develop skills for resume development and possible future employments?
To give back to the community by supporting the Aquarium?

Area of Interest

Please share which area(s) you are interested in: Interpreter, Concierge, Education, Clerical, Horticulture, Husbandry (birds/fish/mammals), or something else not listed?

Volunteer Experience

Please share one or two character references that we may contact. Please describe any prior volunteer experience and list any skills, hobbies and interests that could contribute to your volunteer experience at the Aquarium.


We ask that our volunteers be able to make a regular and consistent commitment to the program. Please let us know which days you would be available for a volunteer shift.

Uniform Size

Please let us know what size uniform jacket/vest you typically wear.

I understand I am agreeing to...

1. Read the Volunteer Information Packet.
2. Meet with a volunteer services staff person who will explain the program and answer my questions.
3. Pay the appropriate registration fee at the first meeting (please see “How to become a Volunteer”).
4. Complete a criminal background check.
5. Complete all training required to become an active volunteer.
6. Volunteer for a minimum of one year or for a total of 100 hours within a designated period.