We are accepting volunteer applications for in-person service, with a specific need for volunteers at the following locations: Bluford, North-East, Plaza, and Southeast branches.

Complete this application if you are interested in becoming a Tech Coach with Kansas City Public Library.

Completing this application does not obligate you to participate in the program. A volunteer coordinator will contact you offer to schedule an orientation session for you. During the orientation, we will present you with an overview so you can learn more and ask questions before committing to the Tech Access team.

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Availability and Preferences

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Emergency Contact

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Volunteer Agreement

I agree to indemnify and hold harmless the Kansas City Public Library from any and all claims or causes of action that may arise out of my assigned volunteer duties. I waive any right of action I have against the Kansas City Public Library in consideration of my participation as a volunteer for the Library. I further understand and agree that I will receive no compensation for any services performed by me as a volunteer for the Kansas City Public Library.

I also understand that in my capacity as a volunteer, I may come into contact with confidential information. I agree to adhere to the Library’s policy regarding privacy of Library patrons and to protect personal and confidential information to the best of my abilities and not to divulge it during or after my service as a volunteer. I understand that a breach of confidentiality is grounds for dismissal.