Please fill out this application if you are interested in taking Cross Timbers Urban Forestry Council's Citizen Forester Training. Thank you for being willing to volunteer to help improve our urban forest.

We are a group of volunteers dedicated to helping maintain our Urban Forest. Our "official" volunteer time is spent on maintaining publicly owned trees and educating the public on how to maintain their own trees. The goal is to help our communities reap all the benefits of the trees in our urban environment in a responsible manner.

Please review the information about the Citizen Forester program on the website before filling out this application.

The information requested here will not be shared with anyone outside of the Cross Timbers Urban Forestry Council and the Citizen Foresters.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact David Coke at or call 817 386 3235.

Application Deadline is February 10, 2020

1. Contact Information

We will need to know how to contact you while you are in training and after you've completed the training to inform you about Citizen Forester activities. We also need to know where you live when we are arranging activities so we can make it easier for you to participate and know what region you are from. An email address and internet connection will be required to participate in the training and Citizen Forester program

Benefiting the Publicly Owned Urban Forest

What type of things would you like to do as a Citizen Forester?

Volunteer Time as a Citizen Forester

After graduating from the program, how many hours a year do you expect to be able to contribute?

Volunteer Organizations - Past and Present

What have you gained from these other organizations that you will be bringing with you into the Citizen Forester Program?

How Did You Learn About Citizen Foresters?

Citizen Forester Display Table, MayFest, Nextdoor, CTUFC website, Plant related Club Meeting, Master Gardener eBlast, friend, other?

Citizen Forester Training Sessions

This training session will require one day a month for 10 months, March through December of 2020, on the third Wednesday of each of those months. These sessions will start promptly at 9:00 AM and will last for seven hours, including an hour for lunch. For most of the sessions we will be meeting in one location and then commuting to another field location.

This format is designed to correspond to the “seasons of the trees”. For example, we will learn when the best time to a plant tree is and will plant in that month.

If you successfully complete the training, you will graduate a Certified Citizen Forester.

Classroom Instruction and Field Training

Eight of the ten classroom sessions will be held at the Master Gardeners Fort Worth Training facility at 1801 Circle Dr. The other two will be held at the Fort Worth Botanic Gardens. The Field Training is done at various locations in Fort Worth, most are near the training facility. You will need to successfully complete the combination of classroom instruction and field training. You must complete at least 8 full classes to graduate as a Certified Citizen Forester. If you complete at least 7 full classes you will graduate as a Citizen Forester. If you graduate as a Citizen Forester or fail to achieve either status, to be Certified in the following year, you must make up sufficient missed classes to satisfy the requirement of achieving Certified status and meet the ongoing annual volunteer hour and CEU time certification requirements. If you miss too many classes to earn status as a Citizen Forester, you will need to make up sufficient missed classes and meet the volunteer hour requirements for that level in the following year to stay in the program. And, regardless of your achievement level, you should complete the formal training on a specific subject before you attempt to lead an event of that nature. In other words, you shouldn't lead a tree planting exercise until you've had the planting training.

Physical Ability Limitations

We do make reasonable accommodations for those with physical ability limitations and there is ongoing volunteer work available for Citizen Foresters that is not physically rigorous. However, the field training component of the program includes activities such as using a shovel to dig a planting hole; using pruners, loppers, and hand saws to prune trees; bending and squatting down, extended periods of walking and/or standing; and other similar physical activities. You should also expect that some of these outdoor activities may occur in wet, cold or hot weather.

Program Registration Fees and Lunch

There is a $275 registration fee due upon acceptance into the program. This provides course tuition, binder for class materials, training and reference materials, classroom drinks and snacks, lunch on training days and a few other "goodies". This fee also includes 2020 membership into the Cross Timbers Urban Forestry Council, and a long-sleeved denim work shirt with the CTUFC logo. If you have any dietary restrictions, we will do our best to accommodate them, but we can't guarantee we can accommodate all restrictions.

If you so desire, you can elect to arrange for your own lunches. If you make that election the course fee will be $165. Even if you forgo the provided lunch option you will still receive all of the training materials, morning snacks and drinks through the day. We are hoping you will at least choose to dine with your classmates so you can better get to know each other. And, with sufficient notice, you can be included in specific lunches for the price of $11 each.

CTUFC and City Volunteer Agreements

You understand you will sign a volunteer agreement with the Cross Timbers Urban Forestry Council which can be found on the webpage. You understand that you will be considered to be a volunteer in whichever cities our field activities are held in and will be expected to sign each City’s volunteer agreement form and accept whatever requirements they may have. The City of Fort Worth's Volunteer Agreement can be found on the website.

Citizen Forester Annual Requirements

You understand that to maintain a Certified Citizen Forester designation, you will meet the annual volunteer hour requirements of at least 25 hours which must be made up of at least 20 hours of volunteer time and at least 5 hours of Continuing Education Credits. To achieve the Citizen Forester designation (not Certified) you will need to contribute at least 10 volunteer hours. You can move back and forth, through time between these two designations, but if you fail to achieve either 2 years in a row, you will no longer be in the program and will have to take the training over to continue.

Form Submission

Application Deadline is February 10, 2020. After clicking the "Continue" button you should receive a confirmation email within a few days. If you do not, please let us know. Thank you.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact David Coke at or call 817 386 3235.

Thank you for applying for the Citizen Forester Training! We will contact you if we have any more questions of you, to inform you of the status of your application, and whether you have been accepted into the training. We look forward to your contributions to our Urban Forest.