Please complete this application form if you are interested in becoming a Tuatara Club volunteer. Please note fields followed by an asterisk are compulsory fields. Once you complete the form, click the Continue button at the bottom.

Personal Information

Volunteering at Auckland Zoo gives you a unique opportunity to share your interest in wildlife and conservation with zoo visitors. You will meet and work with a wide range of people, and gain an insight into the Zoo's conservation and educational focus.

Emergency Contact

Please provide your emergency contact details.

Court Convictions or impending actions

Auckland Zoo requires information regarding criminal convictions and/or impending actions to be disclosed as part of the recruiting process. This information will be treated as confidential by Auckland Zoo and will be used for the purpose of evaluating suitability for volunteering with Auckland Zoo.

Do you have any impending charges/actions that could lead you to being charged or convicted of an offence?

If you answered yes, please provide further details:

About you

Have you had, or do you have, an existing medical condition which may impact your ability to perform the volunteer role?For example, loss of hearing, repetitive strain injuries, depression, arthritis. If yes, please provide more details:


I consent to Auckland Zoo seeking verbal information on a confidential basis about me from my referees and authorise the information to be released to Auckland Council for the purposes of evaluating my suitability for the position of volunteer. I understand that the information received by Auckland Council is supplied in confidence and will not be disclosed to me.
Please provide details for referees:

Personal statement

While a love of animals draws many volunteers to Auckland Zoo, volunteers are not directly involved with the handling and care of the Zoo's animals. Volunteers are some of the most visible members of Auckland Zoo community and their main goal is to provide the Zoo guests with a quality, educational and enriching experience.


Why are you interested in becoming a Tuatara Club volunteer at Auckland Zoo?


What sort of volunteer duties are you hoping to undertake?
What are you expecting to gain from your volunteering experience at Auckland Zoo?
What do you think you would enjoy most?

Past experience

What experience have you had that you think will be helpful in a volunteer position? (school activities, work, volunteering and/or hobbies?)

Strengths and Skills

What strengths, personality or skills can you bring to the position?

Roles and availability

I understand that I will be required to volunteer EVERY week for a 4 month period. If accepted you would join EITHER the Saturday OR the Sunday Team and will be able to volunteer from 9.30 - 3.00. My preferred volunteer day would be:

Conservation Quiz

Please complete the additional on line Conservation Quiz Form, applications will not be processed if this is not included.


1. I understand and acknowledge I am not an employee of Auckland Zoo.

2. I understand that I am being provided with an opportunity to volunteer and the role should not be regarded as work experience. I accept that no formal references will be provided.

3. I understand and acknowledge that should I suffer injury during my activities as a volunteer, any accident compensation claim should be made to the ACC (Accident Compensation Corporation) and will not be an Auckland Council work-related claim.

4. I undertake to follow procedures outlined in my training/orientation and to adhere to Auckland Zoo health and safety policies and procedures.

5. I agree to report any incident or injury, or any health and safety hazards which I may observe, as prescribed in the Auckland Zoo Health and Safety Protocols.

6. I undertake to follow all Auckland Zoo and Council policies relevant to me being a volunteer.

7. I also agree that, both during and after me being a volunteer, I will keep confidential, and not use, divulge or communicate to any person, any confidential information relating to Auckland Zoo and the Council’s business, except as required by law.

8. I agree to be available (as indicated in this application form) and to abide by the specified dress code.

9. I agree to return my polo shirt, hat, name badge and Zoo Volunteer USB (if supplied with one) upon resignation from my volunteer position.

10. I declare that the information I have provided by completing this form is true and accurate.

11. I am willing and able to participate in outdoor activities within the Zoo as part of my volunteer role e.g. washing windows and signage

12. I understand that if I wish to apply to continue volunteering after the completion of the Tuatara Club Programme, I must first have meet the Tuatara Club Programme commitment requirements.

13. I understand that I can apply for another volunteer role after the completion of the Tuatara Club Programme and the over 18 year requirement will be waived. I understand that acceptance for on-going volunteer roles is not guaranteed.

Please note: Your data will be stored within the Auckland Zoo volunteer database and will have the same security protection as any zoo employee. The information which you supply will only be available to the person supervising your activities and Human Resource personnel. The exception to this would be in the case of emergency. You have the right to request access to, and amendment of, any personal information help by Auckland Zoo about you.