Please complete this application form if you are interested in becoming a Palmetto Health Junior Volunteer. Applicants must be between 14-17 years old (by June 4, 2018) Applicants must commit to a minimum of one, four hour shift, once a week for a minimum of six weeks (June 4 - July 27). Once you have completed the form, click the continue button at the bottom of the screen.

Junior Volunteer Basic Information

This year, all of the correspondence regarding the program will be sent through email. You must provide us with your parent’s or guardian’s email address. Consideration for acceptance into the program will happen once all required forms are completed, and turned in to the Volunteer office. You will be informed of your status of acceptance into the program on Friday May 4,2018.

Parent/Guardian and Emergency Contact Info

Please list the name, address, email address and telephone number for your parent or guardian. Also, who may we notify in the event of an emergency? Please list the name, address, email address and telephone number for your emergency contact.

Personal Questions 1

Explain why you are interested in the Junior Volunteer Program?

Personal Question 2

What personal qualities and/or talents can you share with the guests at Palmetto Health?

Personal Question 3

What 3 qualities do you possess that are important for a volunteer? Why?

Special Considerations

Indicate if you are a returning volunteer, by telling us when last you volunteered with us. Also, If you have a relative or sibling who is planning on volunteering in the program, please indicate here by entering their name.


*Deadline for applications is 5:00 pm on Friday April 13, 2018

Junior Volunteer Pledge

1) I WILL - be punctual and conscientious in the fulfillment of my duties as a Junior Volunteer.
2) I WILL - conduct myself with dignity, courtesy and consideration.
3) I WILL - consider all information which I may hear directly or indirectly concerning a patient, doctor, or any team member confidential, and will not seek information in regard to a patient.
4) I WILL - uphold the policies and standards of this hospital.