Please complete this application form if you have an organized group that is available to volunteer on the Battleship IOWA. An "organized group" is one that falls under the umbrella of a larger organization, institution, or company, as opposed to a loose affiliation of friends. Members of groups in the latter category should each complete the application for individual service. Once you complete the form, click the Continue button at the bottom. *NOTE* The Pacific Battleship Center DOES NOT provide individual or group liability insurance.

Group Leader Contact Information

This is for personal contact information for the group leader. Do indicate however that this is a group application and the name of your group in the appropriate space. Please file organizational contact information in the Group Contact section. Thanks

Group Contact Information

Please list contact information for your parent organization here. For example, list information for your corporate office, church, military base, or school where your group operations are based. This may not be applicable for all groups. Complete as best you can.

Tell us more about your Group

Check all that apply. If your group does not fall under any of the listed categories, please indicate the type of group below.

Youth Groups

During normal daily operations, volunteer groups are engaged in hands-on activities aboard ship. There is a certain level of inherent danger associated with these activities that may not be suitable for volunteers younger than the age of 16.


Is your group looking for a one time opportunity, or would you consider coming more often? We are particularly interested in having groups come on a repeat basis, but understand that this is often not a possibility for many groups.

Thank You!

By clicking the "Continue" button below, your application will be forwarded directly to our volunteer office.