Thank you for your interest in supporting Butterfly Pavilion through group volunteer service! Whether you are a new or returning group, please complete the information below to let us know about your current information and availability.

Group/Company/Organization Information

Please tell us about your group.

Group Coordinator Information

The group coordinator is responsible for communicating project information including requirements, logistics, and updates to all group members.

Volunteer Group Information

Tell us how many individuals will volunteer on your project date, and check all boxes that apply to your group. Please note that we can typically accommodate groups of up to 20 on one date.

Special Requests

Please let us know your general availability or the date(s) you've already confirmed with the Butterfly Pavilion Team.

Sharing your story!

If time permits, Butterfly Pavilion would like your permission to take a photo of your group during your volunteer experience and share it on our official social media pages. Please indicate below whether or not we may share your group’s name and/or image on social media.