Thank you for your interest in volunteering at WRC!

Darvan Acres is our seasonal outdoor facility in Inver Grove Heights, open from May-September. If you are looking for a position at the Roseville facility, a year-round volunteer opportunity, an option for winter months, or community service hours, please apply for a different position.

As you’ve read on our website, volunteering at WRC is very rewarding but also very precise, hard work. The work you do as a volunteer has a direct impact on the patient’s life. Our goal is to return our patients fully rehabilitated to the wild. They must retain their wild instincts. Because of this, volunteering at WRC is drastically different than working with domestic, farm or zoo animals: The animals cannot become habituated to humans. Before completing this application please be certain that you understand you cannot talk to the animals in our care. You will not be able to pet or cuddle them. This is for their safety and yours.


If you are interested in working with us in 2021, you are welcome to apply but you will not be contacted until early spring. You can also wait to apply until January/February.

Thank you for your interest and we would love to have you join us next spring!

Volunteer Requirements

By checking the boxes below I acknowledge that I understand and will follow these basic volunteer requirements (in addition to the ones laid out on the WRC website).

Name and address


WRC and your fellow crew members will use email to communicate with you. As a WRC volunteer you will be expected to stay current on all communication from us. You will also receive all WRC official emails.

Emergency Contact Information

Medical Information

Wildlife rehabilitation is very rewarding but it is physically demanding. As mentioned on our site you will be lifting, cleaning and restocking. We require all volunteers to have health insurance. Please complete the information below.

Demographic Information

Previous Experience

Do you have any previous experience working with animals? Any experience with wildlife specifically?
Previous experience is NOT required to become a volunteer at WRC, but it is helpful for us to know your background.


Darvan shifts are offered twice a day, AM or PM. Morning shifts are 8am-11am, evening shifts are 5pm-8pm. These times can be flexible, as long as all AM care is completed before noon and all PM care is completed before dark. The Darvan Manager can discuss flexibility more once you apply.
Please indicate all days and times that you are available on a weekly basis. (Your shift will only be once a week but this helps us determine the best fit.)

Application Submission

By clicking “continue” below you will submit your application information to WRC. Your application will not be processed until early spring. This application does not automatically enroll you as a WRC volunteer.

I attest that all information in this form is current and accurate. I understand my application has been submitted. I understand that WRC will be in contact in 2021 to let me know if I’ve been accepted into the WRC volunteer program.