This application is for people age 18 and up who are seeking court ordered community service opportunities.

CAW Program Summary:

Volunteers assist with general housekeeping, cart cleaning, loading/unloading, picking up trash, and other tasks as assigned. Ability to spend an entire volunteer shift outdoors is required. Ability to stand for an entire volunteer shift, climb stairs and lift up to 30 lbs is required. Cell phone and headphone use are not allowed while serving your volunteer time.

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Text communications are used to communicate shift cancellations/changes due to unexpected circumstances such as weather.

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Emergency Contact

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CAW shifts are available through online registration only on a first-come-first-served basis.

City of Allen Volunteer Release

For good and valuable consideration including the privilege of serving as a volunteer for the City of Allen, Texas, the undersigned volunteer for and on behalf of the above named volunteer, the volunteer's heirs, executors, and assigns (collectively referred to as the "Undersigned Volunteer") does hereby release indemnify and hold harmless the City of Allen, Texas its officers, agents, employees, contractors, third party representatives and invitees (collectively referred to as "Allen") from any and all claims, damages, causes of action of any kind whatsoever, statutory or otherwise, for personal injury, including death, property damage and lawsuits and judgments, including court costs, expenses and attorneys fees, and all other expenses that the Undersigned Volunteer has, or might have, known, or unknown, now existing or that might arise hereafter, directly or indirectly from the Undersigned Volunteer participation as a volunteer for Allen, and from any direction or instruction by Allen personnel during periods of volunteer service and from any acts or omissions by any third parties.

The Undersigned Volunteer understands that the volunteer service activities may occur outdoors and include strenuous activities. By signing this, Undersigned Volunteer states that he/she is in physical condition to perform the Volunteer tasks. The Undersigned Volunteer acknowledges and agrees to serve on a voluntary basis and not as an employee, contractor, or agent of Allen. The Undersigned Volunteer agrees to observe and display a proper attitude at all times, and will make all reasonable effort to ensure to represent Allen in an appropriate manner. The Undersigned Volunteer understands and acknowledges the limitations of a volunteer position and agrees to forward all issues the Undersigned Volunteer encounters outside those limitations to the appropriate Allen personnel for attention. As a volunteer, the Undersigned Volunteer understands that such service is without benefits or compensation. The Undersigned Volunteer also acknowledges and agrees that participation as a volunteer may be terminates at any time by Allen personnel.

The Undersigned Volunteer understands that the privilege of serving as a volunteer for Allen shall be under the direction and control of Allen personnel and agrees to strictly comply with all Allen rules, directives and regulations written or otherwise including any personal direction from Allen personnel during any time the Undersigned Volunteer is serving as a volunteer for Allen. The Undersigned Volunteer agrees to assume any and all risk associated with serving as a volunteer for Allen. By checking the "I Agree" button below, the Undersigned Volunteer acknowledges that the undersigned has read and understands the Allen rules, directives and regulations, and agrees to abide by them.