We at WTBBL appreciate everything teachers do for the students we serve -- from signing them up for service, to keeping them informed about programming, to volunteering at events like the Braille Challenge!

Do you know a TVI, O&M Specialist, Braillist, or other educator who really makes a difference in your or your child's life? This May for National Teachers' Appreciation Month, WTBBL would like to celebrate our awesome educators in special way. Winners will receive a certificate of appreciation, gift card, and special gift from WTBBL!

Please submit this nomination form for the second annual Washington Talking Book & Braille Library "Above and Beyond Award" by April 30th.

If you have any questions, please email erin.groth@sos.wa.gov.

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What is your WTBBL youth patron's name?

Who do you nominate and where do they work?

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