Please complete the following application. Read each section carefully and make sure to answer every question.

***Each of the narrative questions MUST HAVE A RESPONSE*** Incomplete applications will not be considered.

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Name and Address

Demographic Information

Rental Property Restrictions

If you are currently renting, have you approved fostering animals with your landlord or condo association?

Are there any restrictions on number of animals, size, or breed from your landlord?

Please provide the name and phone number for your landlord.

Prior Experience

Do you have any prior volunteer or foster experience with other animal welfare organizations? Do you have prior experience with animals? If so, please explain.

Foster Interest

Which types of animals are you interested in fostering? Examples include:
Too young/underweight
Shelter break
Bottle babies
Moms and babies


Please list all other members of the household, their age, their relation to you, and whether they will help with foster duties.

Foster Interview Discussion

Do you have any questions or topics you would like to discuss during your foster interview?

Pets At Home

Please provide the name, species/breed, age, and sex of any pets in the home, then answer the following questions.

Are all your pets up to date on their vaccines? (You will need to provide proof during your interview)

If you have dogs, are they vaccinated for kennel cough (Bordatella)?

Are all pets either spayed or neutered?

Statement of Interest

Please tell us why you would like to be a foster parent, and how you heard of this opportunity.

Foster Parent Selection & Interview

This is currently our busy season, and our reply to your application may be slow. We review applications once a month, and will contact you via email to let you know next steps to become a foster parent. 

Applicants are reviewed on an individual basis, and selection of foster parents is based on the current needs of the Maryland SPCA and the skills, interests, and experience of the foster parent.

By clicking, “I Agree,” you acknowledge that the Maryland SPCA is not responsible for any injury or harm to your person or your personal belongings while volunteering as a foster parent or training to become a foster parent.