Please complete this application form if you are interested in volunteering as a Community Volunteer at Assistance League of Tucson.  If you plan to volunteer more than a few times during the year, please consider becoming a member and fill out the Member Application. Prior to any volunteer work conducted as a Community Volunteer on behalf of Assistance League of Tucson, this form must be completed.  

Once you complete the form, click the CONTINUE button at the bottom. 

Contact Information

Please use your legal name because the background check, when required, needs your legal name. If you go by a different name, put that name in the "Nickname" field.

If you only use a Cell phone please enter the number in both Home & Cell fields.

Personal Information

If a background check is required, your birth date must be submitted to begin the process.  

Emergency Contacts

If your emergency contact only uses a Cell phone or if that is the best way to reach them, please enter the number in both Home & Cell fields.

Assistance League Member Contact Information

All Community Volunteers must be accompanied by an Assistance League member while volunteering. Please enter the member's full name in the boxes labelled First name and Last name.  This member will be contacted to confirm your application.  

If you are volunteering with a group and do not know the name of your Assistance League member contact, please enter the name of your group in the box labelled Employer name and enter TBD in both the required first and last name fields.

Liability Release and Indemnification

Liability Release and Indemnification 

As a community volunteer, I understand that I may work only while under the supervision of a member, that I am subject to the same rules and regulations as members, and that I may volunteer no more than twice without approval of the President or Member Services.  I also understand that I may not volunteer for program activities that involve direct contact with children (e.g., Operation School Bell dressings) or that require me to handle money unless I have passed an authorized background check.   


I understand that Assistance League of Tucson is a volunteer organization in the state of Arizona.  In signing this form, I understand that as a community volunteer, I hereby release Assistance League of Tucson and its officers, directors, agents, and all member volunteers from all responsibility or liability for any and all loss, damage, or injury of any kind to me or to my property related to or arising from my participation as a volunteer, whether or not foreseeable to me at this time and whether or not caused by negligence of Assistance League of Tucson’s officers, directors, agents, or any member volunteer or otherwise.   Further, I agree to indemnify and hold harmless Assistance League of Tucson, its officers, directors, agents, or any member volunteer from any claim, demand, damage, liability, cost, or expense, including attorney’s fees and expenses, related to or resulting from my activities as a community volunteer with Assistance League of Tucson.


Photo Release 

I agree to allow Assistance League of Tucson, Inc. (Assistance League) to show, televise, publish, sell, publish on Assistance League website or on any other internet site or through use of any other media, transmit through any electronic media, transfer title to, and copyright all still and motion pictures taken of me. I allow the use of my photograph and my name for advertising and publicity purposes by Assistance League or other organizations associated with Assistance League. 

I hereby waive and release for myself and for my community property all claims for any compensation or damages for use by Assistance League or organizations associated with it of pictures of me or use of my name. I hereby indemnify and hold Assistance League and any organizations affiliated with it harmless against any and all claims of damages arising out of the taking or the use of pictures of me or the use of my name.


I have carefully read this Community Volunteer Agreement form and fully understand its contents.