Tucson Botanical Gardens Volunteer Application
Please complete this application form if you are interested in becoming a Tucson Botanical Gardens volunteer. Once you complete the form, click the submit button at the bottom.

Personal Information

Educational Background

Please select your highest level of education.

Work Experience

Please list your most current job experience.

Volunteer Experience

Please list your most current volunteer experience.

Areas of Interest

Please select all service areas you are interested in. Some service areas may require a background check or additional training.


Please select the days and times that you expect to be available to volunteer.

Emergency Contact

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Volunteer Liability Waiver/Agreement

I certify the facts set forth in the application are true and complete. I give permission to verify the information on the application. I understand that misrepresentation may be cause to be removed from my volunteer position.

I, for my heir, executors, administrators and assigns, and myself hereby release, waive and discharge Tucson Botanical Gardens and its officers, directors, employees, agents and volunteers of and from all claims. Claims that my heirs, administrators and assigns or I ever may have against any of the above for, because of, by reason of or arising in connection with such volunteer relief efforts or my participation therein and hereby waive all such claims, demands and causes of action.

I understand that as a volunteer at Tucson Botanical Gardens, I will uphold the mission of the Gardens, be an advocate of the Gardens and interact with all visitors in a positive and welcoming manner, maintain my annual Gardens membership (approx. $50) and agree to follow all guidelines and policies set forth by the Gardens. I am aware that the Gardens has the right to release me from my service at any time.

To the best of my abilities, I agree to contribute an average of 10 hours of service per month and complete a minimum of 8 hours of continuing education annually by attending volunteer meetings or relevant classes or workshops. I understand that I will be required to fulfill training requirements of whatever program I choose to participate in.

If required for area of service, I agree to complete a background check and/or a fingerprint clearance if it’s a position requirement (minimum age is 18)

Additionally, I grant to the Tucson Botanical Gardens the right to use my name and photograph(s) in all its publications, including brochures, print advertisements, web sites, videos and television commercials. I understand that the presentation of any of the above materials will be at its discretion. I have read, understood and agree to the above conditions.