All applicants must be 18+.
All applicants must have a reliable mode of transportation; there is no public service near the center.
A donation of $35 will be requested to help fund the volunteer program.

Please complete this application form if you are interested in becoming a Greenwood Wildlife Rehabilitation Center M.I.C.E. team member. Once you complete the form, click the submit button at the bottom.

Contact Information

Emergency Contact

Demographic Information

Other than date of birth, you may optionally provide the following information. It is used only to help us get a better idea of the demographic make-up of our volunteers and for grant proposals, when requested.

Why are you interested in volunteering with GW?

Where did you hear about this opportunity?

For what position(s) do you wish to be considered?

Have you had any other volunteer experience?

If yes, please describe.

Education & Employment Information


Please provide two references to whom you are not related.

Do you have any work restrictions?

If yes, please describe.

Greenwood Wildlife Volunteer Agreement

1. I understand that I must commit to one four-hour shift per week.
2. I understand that the M.I.C.E. team members should have NO direct contact with the animals. Volunteering within the M.I.C.E. team consist of helping our wildlife rehabilitation center running smoothly. This includes cleaning animal enclosures, preparing food for the animals. doing laundry, washing dishes, etc.
3. I will uphold the standards and policies of Greenwood and the Volunteer Program. I understand that my failure to do so may result in my dismissal from the Volunteer Program.
4. I will conduct myself with dignity, courtesy and consideration and will endeavor to make my work of the highest quality.
5. I will be punctual and conscientious in the fulfillment of my duties. If for any reason I am unable to serve at the assigned time, I will notify the Volunteer Manager.
6. I will follow proper procedure with any problems, criticisms and/or suggestions that I may have as stated in the Volunteer Manual.
7. I am aware that if I am accepted as a volunteer, there are certain risks inherent in working within a wildlife rehabilitation center.