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In connection with the evaluation of my suitability for volunteer status, I give my consent for the National Museum of the Pacific War, Texas Historical Commission and/or the Admiral Nimitz Foundation to obtain criminal history information related to my application for volunteer status. I understand that criminal history information includes any criminal conviction records for deferred adjudication, misdemeanor, or felony offenses at age 17 or older. Any such information will be used solely for volunteer status related considerations or not for any purpose.

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[NOTICE: You must agree to a criminal background check to be considered for any volunteer position at the NMPW. If you have been convicted of a felony, explain in concise detail on a separate sheet of paper, giving the dates and nature of the offense(s), the name and location of the court, and the disposition of the cases(s) and submit it by email to A conviction may not disqualify you, but a false statement will.