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Emily's Place Volunteer Policies and Procedures

1. All Volunteer Applicants MUST participate in a 1.5-hour Volunteer Training. The Volunteer Coordinator will advise of date|time. Volunteer Coordinator will also determine any exceptions.

2. All residents will be treated with respect and dignity regardless of race, color, creed, age, religious denomination, sex, or handicap.

3. Residents will be treated fairly and will not receive special privileges or have privileges withheld based upon personal relationships or conflicts with mentors or volunteers.

4. Volunteers, mentors and visitors will refrain from being alone in a private, closed rooms with a resident.

5. Volunteers, mentors, and visitors will refrain from having sexual relations with any resident.

6. Resident information is to be kept confidential, including personal opinions of residents or information regarding residents to any other resident or person outside Emily's Place, Inc.

7. Must obtain permission from Emily's Place Administration staff before entertaining a resident outside of Emily's Place, Inc.

8. Refrain from providing professional or personal services outside of your role without staff approval.

9. Report any known activity that is against the Emily's Place, Inc. house rules to staff in a timely manner.

10. Consumption of alcohol or illegal drugs, bringing such substances or paraphernalia on Emily's Place, Inc. premises, theft or other illegal actions, engaging in any sexual activity, possessing a weapon, and/or any inappropriate behavior towards a mentor, volunteer, staff, or visitor.

11. Report any known or suspected child abuse or neglect to staff. Such abuse includes: physical punishment, yelling, threatening, or intimidating a child. Refrain from personal intervention.

12. Refrain from personal involvement in resident's conflicts with others. Redirect residents to discuss the issue with the person involved in the issue or their house director or accountability staff person.

13. Refrain from swapping information such as phone number with residents unless discussed with staff.