Thank you for your interest in the Youth Volunteer Program at the Oregon Coast Aquarium! Please complete the information and use complete sentences in your short answer responses. Once you have submitted your application, a representative from Volunteer Services will contact you. Applications for the Summer Youth Program must be submitted by April 15th. Spaces are limited, so apply early!

Name and address

Parent/Guardian Information

Youth Programs

We offer many programs for youth at the aquarium! Currently we are recruiting for our Summer Youth Program and Oceanscape Correspondent. In this box, please indicate which program(s) you are interested in.

Schedule Preferences

The Summer Youth Program is offered 7 days a week mid June-end of August.. Students are asked to commit to one full day per week (schedules can be modified with prior arrangement) Please indicate which day(s) of the week work best for you. If you have other regularly scheduled commitments (job, practice, etc) which prevents you from volunteering specific days, please list them here as well.

The Oceanscape correspondents volunteer year-round with our Oceanscape Network program and may have a variable schedule and meeting locations.

Short Answer Questions: Aquarium Goals

1. Why do you want to be a youth volunteer at the Aquarium?

2. What do you expect or would like to gain from your Aquarium experience?

3. What should the Aquarium expect from you?

Short Answer Questions: Interests and Hobbies

1. What extra-curricular activities (hobbies, sports, groups, etc) do you participate in?

2. Describe any any experience you have working in a group, with children, teaching others and public speaking?

3. Have you been involved with other volunteer activities before? If so, please describe.

4. Do you see yourself as a leader? What leadership skills do you hope to gain through this experience?

Short Answer Questions: Additional Information

1. What is your favorite marine animal and why?

2. What is something super awesome about you?

3. Do you have any needs that require special accommodation?

Transportation Information

Who will be providing you transportation to and from the Aquarium? Please include their name, relationship to applicant and contact information.

Reference Section

Please provide the contact information for two references. References must be adults who knows you well (i.e. a teacher, adviser, coach, group leader, employer, or neighbor) but not parents or relatives.

Uniform Information

Youth Volunteers are provided with a uniform piece at the beginning of their service. Please provide your size (unisex S-XXL). Additional uniform pieces will be available for purchase.

Agreement Section

By applying to the program and checking the box below, I understand that I am...

1. Agreeing to be interviewed by a representative of the Aquarium. After which, if accepted, I can decide or drop from the program.

2.Required to pay the appropriate program fee ($50, scholarships are available).

3. Expected to complete all required training if I choose to continue; and

4. Expected to volunteer the required number of hours.