Dear Prospective Volunteer:

Please complete this application form if you are interested in becoming an Orlando Health Spiritual Care volunteer. Once you complete the form, click the Continue button at the bottom.

Thank you for your interest in volunteering at Orlando Regional Medical Center, Orlando Health Cancer Institute and Orlando Health Heart and Vascular Institute Volunteer Program . Volunteers have always been a vital part of our hospital and play an important role in the hospital's mission of improving the health and quality of life of our patients, their families and community.

Application Requirements:

Due to the sensitivity and intensity of issues encountered in a hospital environment, comprehensive testing, training and orientation are provided for each of our applicants. As a result we require a significant commitment from our volunteers. To become part of our team, we ask the following:

Please request a reference/recommendation letter from your pastor/priest/rabbi or spiritual leader. E-mail this letter to R-VolunteerServiceORMC/

Please be aware that we do not accept applications for court ordered community service hours.

Successfully pass a Criminal Background Check.

Submit to a personal interview with a member of our Spiritual Care Team.

Visit our Occupational Health Office for TB and drug screening. These screenings will be done at no charge to you.

Attend a 3-hour orientation session.

Processing time for applications can vary. Once your application has been processed, we will contact you to arrange an appointment for a personal interview. At that time we will discuss the details of your assignment.

Volunteers are the heartbeat of Orlando Health. Your interest, caring and commitment are greatly appreciated. We look forward to meeting you and should you have any questions please feel free to contact us at (321) 841-5379 or e-mail


The Volunteer Services Team

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Demographic Information

You may optionally provide the following information. It is used only to help us get a better idea of the demographic make-up of our volunteers.

Congregation Info:

Clergy Reference

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Visitation Experence

Have you visited the sick as a representative of your Congregation or on you own. please describe:

Ministry Training

Do you have prior ministry training? If so, please describe:

Prior Employment/Volunteering at Orlando Health

Have you ever been employed by Orlando Health or any subsidiary and/or have you ever been a volunteer for Orlando Health. Please explain.

Emergency Contact

Criminal Background History

Have you ever been convicted in a court of law, pleaded nolo contendere, been placed on probation or had adjudication withheld to an offense other than a minor traffic violation?


Have you experienced a life crisis within the last year such as a serious personal illness, serious illness of a family or friend, death of a close friend or relative, problem with children or other relatives, faith crisis, other?


Why do you want to be a Spiritual Care Volunteer? What do you hope to receive in return?

Parking and Decal Information

You will be issued a parking decal upon becoming a volunteer. Please list the following information:

Agreement to Conduct a Background Check

I understand and agree that, as a condition of being selected as a volunteer at Orlando Regional Medical Center, Orlando Health will conduct a criminal background check. My signature below constitutes my authorization for Orlando Health or its agents to check my background. I waive and release Orlando Health and its agents from any and all claims I may otherwise have with respect to any such criminal background check.