Please complete this application form if you are interested in becoming a Southeast Iowa Regional Medical Center Virtual Volunteer.

Virtual volunteers do so much to make a difference with our patients.

We have several projects:

• Crocheting/knitting baby caps, booties or blankets

• Crocheting/knitting lap blankets for Klein Center Nursing Home

• Crocheting/knitting lap blankets for pediatric patients

• Prayer shawls for anyone needing comfort

• Sewing quilts for Hospice and Cancer Care patients

• Sewing small pillow cases for a comfort pillow given to any patient needing extra comfort

• Sewing "ouch pouch" for women who have mastectomy surgery

Let us know which project you plan to help with or if you have an exciting talent to offer .

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Virtual Volunteer Code of Ethics


At Great River Medical Center (GRMC), we greatly appreciate our staff of dedicated volunteers, and are committed to doing the very best we can to make your volunteer experience here a productive and rewarding one.

• I will hold absolutely confidential all information regarding patients, guests, staff, customers, and all matters pertaining to the hospital.

• I understand that as a virtual volunteer, I may only volunteer off-site at this time, having no access to direct service volunteer opportunities. I also understand that I can pursue direct service opportunities by contacting the Department of Volunteer Services and completing the application/orientation process.

• I interpret the word volunteer to mean that I agree to work without compensation in money or expectation of future employment.

• I expect to do my work according to the departmental standards.

• I anticipate being assigned to a virtual volunteer service, which meets my needs, one that I enjoy, and that meets the needs of the hospital.

• I will adhere to the Department of Volunteer Services time sheet procedure for virtual volunteers.

• I pledge to demonstrate tolerance and respect for all persons, and to avoid being judgmental of those different from me.

• I will be sensitive to the restrictions of my position as a virtual volunteer and will refer questions beyond my scope of responsibility to the Department of Volunteer Services.

• I understand that the Department of Volunteer Services reserves the right to terminate my volunteer status as a result of (a) failure to comply with Great River Medical Center policies, rules and regulations; (b) unsatisfactory attitude, work or appearance; or (c) any other circumstances which, in the judgment of the department director, would make my continued service as a volunteer contrary to the best interests of the organization.

• I accept this code willingly and agree to follow it during my service as a Great River Medical Center virtual volunteer.

I agree.

I agree to the Virtual Volunteer Code of Ethics and hereby authorize the Volunteer Services Department at Southeast Iowa Regional Medical Center to investigate any and all information, which may concern my work and volunteers records, education history and character. I hereby release Southeast Iowa Regional Medical Center, its Volunteer Services Departments and all employees of any damage whatsoever for issuing same. I further authorize the Volunteer Services Department to maintain this information in their records, release, and absolve them from all liability for acts performed in good faith and without malice in connection with the evaluation of my application.

Disclaimer: Because we take our responsibility seriously, we screen all our applicants thoroughly. While we try to place every prospective volunteer, management reserves the right to reject any applicant.