Thank you for creating care packages for Rosie's Place guests! We appreciate your gift of time and energy and couldn't do all that we do without your support.

Please complete this form to log your community service hours.

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Which type of packages are you creating? Currently we are accepting Toiletry, Art, Personal Care, and Gift Bags for the Day to Love Yourself event.

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Do you want documentation of your service history emailed to you? We are typically able to respond with documentation within two business days.
You are welcome to share the document with any third party directly as Rosie’s Place does not disclose the details of a volunteer’s service to other organizations or sign any service related documents.

Number of Service Hours Completed

When calculating your hours, be sure to include time spent acquiring supplies and assembling packages in the total.


Let us know your thoughts about this experience. Your reflections, comments and suggestions are appreciated.