Please fill out the below Volunteer Application to begin the process of becoming a Anchor Point Volunteer.

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****Please indicate the days and times that you may be available to serve.  We will discuss with you more in Step 2 what may be available.  

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***Please tell us more about yourself that would be important to know how you can be placed within Anchor Point where you will thrive and contribute the gifts the Lord has given you!  (i.e, special skills, background information, etc.)

Consent Information

I hereby, verify that I have never been convicted or found guilty of a crime.  

I hereby, verify that all the above statements are true and consent to a background check. 

I agree to participate in all required training with the understanding that each person will be placed in position(s) according to God’s gifting and discernment of ministry leadership.

*If you have been convicted or found guilty of a crime, we would still like to speak with you. Please tell us more information in the Tell Us More section of this application.