Sometimes, volunteers are looking for an opportunity to use their own special skills to serve the Museum and our visitors in a unique way that we haven’t advertised. Complete this Project Proposal Form if you would like to volunteer with us, but you don’t see the type of opportunity that you’re looking for listed on our website.

It may not be possible for us to create a project that utilizes your special skills, but it doesn’t hurt to ask!

This form is for project proposals that do not include direct interaction with Museum visitors. If your proposal does include interacting with visitors, please close this window and return to to access the proper form, or contact us at 651-225-6046.

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What service will you provide?
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How much time are you willing to serve?
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By clicking "continue" I certify that the answers given by me to the foregoing questions and statements are true, correct and without omissions. I authorize Minnesota Children's Museum to investigate and verify the foregoing information, and any other information, which might assist them in determining my qualifications for volunteering. I further agree to comply with the policies and procedures, as well as safety practices, in all areas of Minnesota Children's Museum and in all volunteer duties. I understand that my volunteer status may be terminated at any time for failure to comply with policies, procedures or safety practices of Minnesota Children's Museum including those of the volunteer program; for absence without notification; for reasons of unsatisfactory attitude, work, interaction with Museum visitors, personal appearance or for any other circumstance which, in the judgment of Minnesota Children's Museum, would make my continued service as a volunteer contrary to their best interests.

Any person who gives false information will be subject to immediate dismissal from the volunteer program.