The eighth annual Refresh the Rims will be held on October 17th, 2020. Come join Billings Parks and Recreation, Montana State University-Billings Outdoor Adventure Leadership Program and community members in an effort to improve one of our defining landmarks. You will receive a follow up email regarding cleanup location assignments. The event begins at 9:30a with teams of volunteers fanning out throughout Swords Rimrock Park to clean up litter and debris form the park! Cleanup will conclude on or before 11:30a. To get involved, fill out the volunteer application below. Volunteers will receive a t-shirt. This year, due to COVID-19, pre-registration is required. Volunteers will meet group leaders at the site locations to begin the cleanup.

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Please indicate if you have a specific assignment you would like to be involved with during Refresh the Rims (graffiti removal, glass vacuuming, etc.)

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2. In the event I am injured in the course and scope of my duties as a City of Billings Volunteer, I hereby covenant and agree to indemnify and hold the City of Billings and its agents harmless for all loss or expense should I injure myself or damage my own personal property.

3. I understand that in the course and scope of my duties as a City of Billings Volunteer should I injure someone or damage property as a result of any negligence on my part such injury or damage may be covered by the City of Billings liability insurance coverage.

4. I agree that the City may use, reproduce, disclose, and distribute participant's name and/or likeness for the purposes of marketing and advertising.

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