We’re a volunteer-driven organization and we’re so glad you want to be a part of it!

To get started, we’d like to know more about you: who you are, how to reach you, who to contact in an emergency. We’d then like to learn about your preferences for volunteering and what you hope to draw from your experience with the OTL. Finally, we’ll cover requirements of every OTL volunteer to ensure everyone has a safe and positive experience with us!

Contact & Personal Details

We need to know a bit about you, including how to reach you. All of your personal information will be handled confidentially and never shared outside of the OTL.

Emergency Contact

At the OTL, we work with power tools, sharp objects, and other hazards. It's important for us to know who to reach in an emergency; someone who knows you well, including any pertinent medical history.

Volunteer Demographics

The following is used only to help us get a better idea of the demographic make-up of our volunteers, including for grant applications and reporting, as well as to measure our diversity and inclusion objectives. Please let us know if you identify as being a member of one or more of the groups below. All of your personal information will be handled confidentially and never shared outside of the OTL.

Skills & Experience

In which of these areas do you feel you have moderate to excellent skill? Check all that apply.

Preferences & Availability

Please indicate the days and times you are usually available to volunteer.

Volunteer Experience & Expectations

Have you volunteered anywhere else? What did you like about your past experiences? What do you want to get out of your volunteer experience at OTL?

Volunteer Placements

The following volunteer placements may currently be available. You may click the placement names for more details. Please use this list to rank your top three choices.

Repair Cafés

Interested in volunteering for our Repair Café events as a "fixer"? If so, please identify which skills or types of items you're able and willing to fix below.

Volunteer Information Center

We provide an online "Volunteer Information Center" where volunteers may check their schedules, update their information, and receive messages. Please select the password you would like to use to access the online Volunteer Information Center.

Volunteer Agreement

The following text may look boring, but is nevertheless important to ensure the safety, privacy, inclusion and wellbeing of everyone at the OTL. Please make sure you read it through and not just skip to the end. There are printed volunteer agreements at OTL as well as the Code of Conduct available to read as needed.

In order to become a volunteer with the OTL, we ask that you carefully review and agree to the following:

1. Compensation: The OTL is a volunteer-driven social enterprise. We cannot pay our many wonderful volunteers, but we do hope you’ll enjoy your time, make friends, and learn lots. Our active volunteers are also automatically members of the OTL, and have access to our inventory (though still pay loan and late fees).

"I understand and agree that if accepted as a volunteer, all services performed by me will be performed on a strictly volunteer basis, and that I will receive no remuneration, pay or compensation of any kind and that OTL assumes no liability of any kind with respect to my volunteering for the Ottawa Tool Library."

2. Liability:  We really don’t want you to ever get hurt at the OTL. We always do our utmost to ensure our tools are in good working order, our volunteers have appropriate knowledge and protective equipment, and that any work is done with appropriate tools and techniques. Please don’t ever do anything at the OTL that makes you feel unsafe. If you ever feel any situation, equipment, or another volunteer is hazardous, please stop any work and share your concerns with other volunteers or notify the OTL management team.

"I acknowledge that in handling tools and performing other volunteer tasks, there exists a risk of injury, including physical harm or death, and that all services performed by me will be done at my own risk. Moreover, I understand that there are inherent risks associated with my volunteer activities, including the risk of personal injury resulting from the handling of tools. Therefore, on behalf of myself, my heirs and personal representatives, I hereby release, discharge, indemnify and hold harmless OTL and its assigns, successors, agents, staff, volunteers, officers, board of directors, contractors, and representatives from any and all claims, causes of action or demands, of any nature of cause whatsoever, including costs and attorney fees, arising out of or relating to my volunteering with OTL, including, but not limited to, injury from handling tools, accidents, or injuries."

3. Photo Release: We often feature photos from our events on posters, in our newsletter, and on social media, to promote the OTL and our events. While this gives us the right to use your likeness, we try to be reasonable, like not posting a photo of you mid-pizza-bite or covered in sawdust.

"I give the OTL permission to use and publish photographs taken of me at the OTL or its events for use in its public relations efforts."

4. Non-Disclosure: We work with personal and financial data and need to treat it with care and respect. As a Canadian non-profit, we’re bound by the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA), among other relevant legislation. The OTL also has payment, contact and other personal information that we treat as confidential. If you want to use or share such information outside of the OTL, please get our permission first.

"I understand that as part of my duties, I may handle personal and financial information, including that of members and community partners. As a recipient of confidential information from the OTL, I agree to undertake reasonable precautions from disclosing this information, and further agree not to intentionally disclose such confidential information to anyone outside of the OTL without advance written permission from OTL management."

5. Code of Conduct: The OTL is a social enterprise composed of people from diverse cultures, backgrounds, and experiences. We are committed to providing a safe and inclusive environment free from violence, harassment, and discrimination, as mandated by both the Canadian Human Rights Act and Ontario Human Rights Code. We ask that you review our Code of Conduct and agree to its proscriptions against violence, harassment, discrimination, and use of drugs and alcohol while volunteering at the OTL.

"I agree to abide by the OTL's Code of Conduct. I understand that the OTL aims to provide a safe and inclusive environment free from violence, harassment, and discrimination, and that mistreatment – including related to race, ethnicity, gender, age, sexual orientation, culture, socio-economic status, and/or religion – will not be tolerated. I also acknowledge that there are internal and external mechanisms at my disposal if I ever feel targeted by or witness such behaviours."

By submitting this form, I attest that the information I have provided on the form is true and accurate, and agree to be bound by the statements above.