Please complete this application form if you are interested in becoming a volunteer at Wintergrass 2022. Once you complete the form, click the Continue button at the bottom. This will send an email with your application attached to the Volunteer Coordinator, who will approve your request and send you an email within the next few days confirming that you are in the volunteer database. NOTE: Every volunteer applicant must have a unique email address. 2 or more applicants cannot use the same email address.

We are determined to keep Wintergrass 2022 safe and fun. If you are a returning volunteer expect a number of changes. First, all participants, including artists, volunteers and ticket buyers must be fully vaccinated.  You will check in every day.  Volunteers must work 12 hours to earn passes to each day of the festival. Hospitality will also change radically.  Volunteers will be issued gift cards to be used in area restaurants.  There will also be a Hospitality Lounge where drinks and packaged snacks are available. 

Name and address

Emergency Contact

In the event of an emergency whom should we notify?

Skills and Experience

In which of these areas do you feel you have moderate to excellent skill? Check all that apply.

NOTE - If interested in Hospitality work, please indicate if you have a current food handlers permit and/or a MAST permit.


Please list your current employer, if applicable.

If your employer will match your volunteer hours (e.g. Boeing or Microsoft) please be sure to notify them. Wintergrass is a production of Acoustic Sound, a 501(c)3 not for profit organization, EIN#:  91-2103544.

Volunteer Information Center

We provide an online "Volunteer Information Center" (VicNet) where volunteers may check their schedules, update their information, and receive messages. Please select the password you would like to use to access the online Volunteer Information Center. Remember to write this information down.


Preferred Assignment

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I understand that I will not receive any compensation for the above service and that volunteers are NOT considered employees for any purpose other than tort claims and injury compensation.  I understand that volunteer service is not creditable for leave accrual or any other employee benefits.  I also understand that either the festival or I may cancel this agreement at any time by notifying the other   party.  I understand that my volunteer position may require a reference check, background investigation, and/or a criminal history inquiry in order for me to perform my duties.  I understand that all publications, films, slides, videos, artistic or similar endeavors, resulting from my volunteer services as specifically stated in the attached job description, will become the property of Acoustic Sound, Inc., and as such, will be in the public domain and not subject to copyright laws.  I understand the health and physical condition requirements for doing the work as described in the job description and at the project location, and certify that the statements I have checked below are true:

I know of no medical condition or physical limitation that may adversely affect my ability to provide this service.

I do hereby volunteer my services as described above, to assist in authorized activities at the 2022 Wintergrass Music Festival, and I agree to follow all applicable safety guidelines. 

By submitting this form:

1. I attest that the information I have provided on the form is true and accurate.

2. I acknowledge and agree to follow the health and safety restrictions outlined above.

3. I will be fully vaccinated for COVID-19 before February 10th 2022.