This application is specifically for K-12 students who are completing service hours for a class or school-related extracurricular such as the National Honor Society, A+, or similar group, club or program.

Students under the age of 18 will need parent permission.

Students under the age of 15 will need adult supervision.

Click "continue" at the bottom of the page to submit your application. Volunteer Services staff will contact you to discuss your interests and placement.

Name and address



On some occasions (but not all), shirts may be provided to aid the public in identifying volunteers at events. Knowing sizes in advance helps us to better prepare.

Motivation to Serve


What specific event/activity would you like to sign up for?

Emergency Contact Information

Parent/Guardian Permission

Parent/Guardian must read & agree to guidelines, providing contact details to confirm. Completion of this section must indicate permission for the minor to perform volunteer service for the City of O'Fallon in accordance to the affirmation.


I assure and affirm that the facts contained herein are true to the best of my knowledge; I understand my service is voluntary, uncompensated, and can be terminated at any time, either by the City or myself. I/we release and hold harmless the City from all liability that may result from participation; authorize inquiries from state/federal agencies when position duties so require; grant permission to use participant's name, photographs or other media methods for promotional purposes without obligation or compensation. I agree to abide by City regulations and confidentiality policies, and will be courteous and respectful to all staff, residents, and visitors.

If applicant is under age 18, parent or guardian permission is required. Please be sure to check the box and include the parent/guardian name and contact information above.