Thanks for your interest in volunteering!

The Level II volunteer commitment is one shift per month for at least six months from the time you start volunteering. The shift is 8:30-1:30 from November-March, and 9:30-2:30 from March-November. Level II volunteers help us clean enclosures. There's no interaction with, and very little observation of, the chimps. It's a dirty, sweaty, physical job requiring some lifting, climbing on high platforms, and bending over. You'll come into contact with feces and urine, and occasionally blood and semen. (Gloves are always worn during cleaning.)

Volunteers play a critical role in ensuring the well-being of the chimpanzees. The ideal Level II volunteer is reliable, trustworthy, safety conscious, and not afraid to get dirty and work hard. If this is you, please continue!

Please note: Our need for volunteers varies. If we do not currently need volunteers in the area you're interested in, we'd be happy to keep your application on file for the future!

Contact Information

Why do you want to volunteer at CSNW?


Can you commit to at least one shift per month for a minimum of 6 months?


Getting to the sanctuary in the winter can be a challenge. Do you have reliable winter transportation and are you comfortable driving in snowy or icy conditions?

Physical requirements

Does the idea of being on your feet and engaged in physical work for a 5-hour shift appeal to you?


Chimpanzees can be dangerous, and we follow strict safety and security protocols to keep everyone safe. Are you able and willing to follow these rules and work conscientiously at all times?                                

Working conditions

Level II volunteers often work in unpleasant or uncomfortable conditions. Cleaning enclosures is hard work, and the chimp house can be hot, loud, and smelly. How would you feel about working under these conditions?

Skills and Experience

What are your relevant skills and experience?


Please list two professional references (including at least one current or former direct supervisor)

Emergency Contact