Thank you for your interest in volunteering with Willamette Humane Society! We are proud to have the support of volunteers in our community.

Please carefully fill out and submit the volunteer application below. Volunteer applicants are required to attend orientation and complete an interview. Applicants who are then accepted into the program must attend volunteer training prior to their first volunteer shift.

If you have any questions, please email

Contact Information

Demographic Information

Demographics data helps us have a clear understanding of all the volunteers who participate in our volunteer program.

Emergency Contact

In case of emergency, who should we contact?

Volunteer Opportunities

At this time, many roles only have certain available shifts, please read the role description for more details.  All volunteer role descriptions can be found on the WHS website and will also be reviewed as part of the volunteer orientation.

Volunteers who join the program are asked commit to one opportunity for six months before taking on additional roles. Volunteers are asked to commit to a volunteer role after completing all on-boarding processes.  

Please select the top two roles you are most interested in:


When are you available, please select all times:

Volunteer Orientation

Please select an orientation to attend. Orientation is a required part of the volunteer applicant process.  All orientations will be online, via Zoom, a link will be emailed to you the week of Orientation.

Special Considerations

Let us know about any physical, medical or psychological limitations or disabilities, (i.e. heart condition, mental illness, learning disabilities, back injuries, epilepsy etc.). Our goal is to place you in a volunteer role that you can safely perform and to provide you with any necessary accommodations and support.

Have you ever been convicted of a crime?

If yes, was it a felony or misdemeanor? What was the nature of the charge?

Household Animals

What animals are currently under your care? Please include frequent visitors to your home.

Application Agreement

By submitting this volunteer application, I agree to the following:

-I state that the information provided in this volunteer application is accurate and honest.

-I understand that submitting a volunteer application does not guarantee a spot in the volunteer program.

-I understand that I must attend an orientation session.

-I understand that if I am offered a spot in the volunteer program, I must complete all required volunteer training and paperwork. Paperwork includes a volunteer waiver and, for certain roles, completion of a background check.

-I understand that there is a one-time volunteer fee. Assistance is available by request.