Thank you for your interest in a Southeastern Guide Dogs internship!

Applications will be processed as quickly as possible. However, please know that requests for internships may take up to two weeks.

Thank you, and we look forward to hearing from you!

Student Information

Internship Desired

Please indicate which of our internships you are applying for. Keep in mind that only current students who require internship experience for credit will be accepted into the program, and that students must be enrolled in a major or program in a related field to the internship offered.

School Information

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Please give specific details of your availability for your internship experience. Be very specific regarding dates and times that you will be available. Please consider class and work schedules, exams, etc. Be sure to include the number of hours required.


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Hold Harmless Release

I hereby consent to a background investigation and release and hold harmless Southeastern Guide Dogs employees/agents, law enforcement agencies, credit reporting agencies, state and federal agencies, educational institutions, owners present and/or past employers, landlords, and all officer and employees that shall provide information to Southeastern Guide Dogs, upon request, for and against any and all claims, suits, or expenses arising from or related to the content, validity, or handling of said reports.

By clicking below, I certify that I have read and understood the above Release Form.

Release of Liability

I do hereby release Southeastern Guide Dogs, Inc. at 4210 77th Street East, Palmetto, Florida 34221 of any and all liabilities for any accident or injury which might occur during my participation in the volunteer opportunities in which I choose to participate. And I agree to follow policy and procedures outlined to me in regards to my duties.

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Drug & Alcohol Policy

This is to inform you that Southeastern Guide Dogs conducts testing to identify internship applicants suspected of abusing drugs. A copy of Southeastern Guide Dogs’ policy on this matter will be provided upon request. You have the right to refuse to undergo testing. However, the consequences of refusal to undergo testing or a refusal to cooperate in testing by an internship applicant will result in the termination of the pre-internship selection process, and the consequences of refusal to undergo testing or refusal to cooperate in the testing by a current intern will result in disciplinary action up to and including discharge from the program.

Remaining drug-free and participation in Southeastern Guide Dogs’ drug testing program is a condition of continued internships. Applicants/Associates may be tested for: Amphetamines, Cocaine, Cannebinoids, Opiates, Marijuana, Adulterant and Phencylclidine. It is also important to note that any internship applicants or current interns found to be intoxicated by alcohol while on the Southeastern campus will be immediately dismissed from duty and dismissed from campus. The disciplinary action may further result in discharge from the internship program.

By clicking below, I certify that I have read and understand the above Policy.

Internship Rights & Responsibilities

As an intern at Southeastern Guide Dogs, you have the right to:

1.) Prompt communications from staff regarding any schedule or policy changes.

2.) Utmost care with safety protocols, and communication of all safety protocols.

3.) All necessary information and appropriate training to set you up for success in your internship experience.

4.) A pleasant work environment, free of discrimination or prejudice.

5.) End your relationship with Southeastern Guide Dogs at any time, for any reason.

As an intern of Southeastern Guide Dogs, you have the responsibility to:

1.) Check your e-mail regularly for prompt communication from staff members and volunteers.

2.) Log all hours through the Volgistics system, whether on campus or off.

3.) Communicate any absences to staff by e-mailing your immediate manager as soon as possible. Two consecutive days of absence without notifying your direct manager will be considered abandonment of your position.

4.) Follow all safety and sanitary protocols, as well as strictly follow the direction of staff to ensure your safety and the safety of our dogs.

5.) Attend all necessary trainings and meetings that will prepare you for your intern position.

6.) Respect all confidentiality agreements and other procedures listed in the intern handbook, which will be provided to you by your first day.

7.) Report any concerns and/or questions to the Human Resources Department.