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Although the COVID-19 pandemic has reduced some of our operational capacity, we will be contacting you as soon as possible.

Thank you for your understanding and please consider supporting the Preserve in these challenging times.

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I am aware of and appreciate the hazards presented by rocky, mountainous, and forested terrain, and the wildlife that exists at the Mohonk Preserve property, and that climbing, biking, hiking, horseback riding and similar activities can be highly dangerous and may result in serious personal injuries or even death. Given the thousands of acres within the Mohonk Preserve and the many miles of trails and carriage roads, the Mohonk Preserve does not have the resources to maintain all of its lands in an entirely safe condition. Thus, I hereby assume all responsibility for my injuries or death which might result on Mohonk Preserve’s premises and I hereby release and discharge Mohonk Preserve, Inc., its Directors, officers, agents, servants, and employees from all actions, claims, or demands for or by myself, my heirs, or personal representatives for any injury or damage which I may suffer while on Mohonk Preserve lands.

I am over eighteen years old. I have carefully read the statement above, and understand that it is a full release of liability of Mohonk Preserve, Inc.

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