Please complete this application form if you are interested in becoming a General Volunteer with Greater Los Angeles Zoo Association. Once you complete the form, click the Continue button at the bottom.

If you've already submitted an on-line application for the Docent or General Volunteer programs, there is no need to fill out an additional form. Please email to let us know if you'd like to add another program to your application.

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Name and address

Employment History

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Educational Achievments

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Interests, Skills, and Language

Do you have any special skills or interests?

Assignment Preference

We have many assignment opportunities available. Please select the assignment(s) you are most interested in and your availability. 

How did you hear about this Program?

Did you hear about the program through the media, a friend, or did you talk with a docent or volunteer? If someone suggested the program, what is their name?

What prompted you to inquire about our programs?

What type of volunteering experience are you looking for? (i.e. working with the public, helping in the office, teaching, crafts...) Please be specific about your interests and needs.

What qualities do you posses that will make you an outstanding volunteer?

Have you ever volunteered at another organization?

If yes, how did you contribute to the organization?  

Have you ever been involved with the L.A. Zoo?

Please share with us if you have ever been employed or volunteered with GLAZA or the L.A. Zoo in the past. If so, how were you associated and when?

Familiarity with our zoo.

Have you observed any GLAZA volunteers or Docents on assignment? If so, what have you seen? Describe which assignments interests you, and tell us what you would bring to the program.

Zoo and aquarium experiences

What has been your experience with the Los Angeles Zoo and zoo and aquariums in general?

Information Meeting

There will be an information meeting on at the Los Angeles Zoo late summer. This meeting will offer a more in-depth description of the program, an opportunity to meet program representatives, and sign up for an interview. 

Per the County Department of Public Health ordinance, guests attending indoor activities at the Los Angeles Zoo are required to provide proof of a completed COVID-19 vaccine or negative test within 72 hours. Please have your documents ready when you arrive at the Zoo.

PLEASE NOTE that space is limited in the class. 


The information in this application is true and complete, and I have not knowingly withheld any information. I understand that misrepresentation may be cause for dismissal. I authorize verification of all information contained in this application. I understand that as a volunteer at GLAZA, I will be expected to demonstrate a commitment to uphold the mission of the organization, to maintain an environment of integrity for people and for animals, and to focus on customer service, with respect for all employees, volunteers, and guests.

As a volunteer at GLAZA, I agree to follow all GLAZA guidelines and policies. In addition, I give consent to GLAZA to emergency medical attention in the event that I am not able to give consent, nor my emergency contacts are available. I agree that the City of Los Angeles Department of the Zoo may conduct a background check at its discretion. I am aware that GLAZA has the right to release me from service at any time, just as I have the right to withdraw from volunteer service at any time.