Thank you for your interest in volunteer opportunities at New Hope Ministries. New Hope is a community-based, Christian social service agency sharing the love and hope found in Christ by meeting the needs of individuals and families in our local communities.

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PHOTO RELEASE: On behalf of aforementioned group, I give my voluntary permission to New Hope Ministries to use either photographs, video recordings, or each individuals story in said group for publication in fundraising and/or public relations efforts such as newsletters, brochures, newspaper articles, website, displays, films, etc. both physical and virtual in format. This voluntary agreement includes materials provided by me or taken by on behalf of New Hope Ministries and is totally without restriction regarding services received.

CONFIDENTIALITY AGREEMENT: As a condition of volunteering, I understand that my group may have access to information regarding clients, donors, and proprietary business information; therefore I take full responsibly on behalf of my group and agree that  above-named group will not in any manner reveal or disclose information to any person outside of New Hope Ministries staff or volunteers during or after my term of service unless such information is specifically requested by and accompanied by a signed release.

I indicate to the best of my knowledge that the information contained in this application is complete and accurate. I understand that providing false information is grounds for not choosing our group for a volunteer position. I also understand New Hope Ministries will be administering a background check, at no cost to me, using the above information I provided, for the safety of our clientele. I am aware that New Hope may request background checks for members of aforementioned group. I further understand negative results will not always preclude said group from volunteering, but may affect the areas in which we may serve. New Hope Ministries holds all information obtained to be held in strict confidence.

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