Please complete this form if you are 16-years or older and are interested in attending a Toledo Humane Society orientation class. There is no Junior Volunteer orientation this month. 

What you need to know:

Our volunteer program is based on 3 levels:

Paw 1 - All volunteers start here! The Paw 1 level allows volunteers to get familiar with the shelter, staff, and what goes on behind the scenes. Volunteers will be at this level for their first 5 hours. As a Paw 1 volunteer, you will help with laundry, community events, or provide additional support to our administration staff or clinic.

Paw 2 - After completing your initial 5 hours of service, you can shadow one of our Dog Care or Cat Care mentors. At this level, volunteers can walk dogs, cuddle with kittens, and work in the cat rooms. Our Mentors will be able to answer any questions Paw 1 volunteers might have!

Paw 3 - For any volunteers looking to grow in the program, you can train to be a THS Mentor or a holding kennel volunteer. Both require a certain amount of volunteer hours completed at the shelter along with training. Volunteers at this level have demonstrated a higher level of commitment and time spent at the shelter!

What else can you do as a THS volunteer?

-Attend community events

-Help at our ReTail Shop

-Volunteer with our Education Camps

-Clean the Kitten Nursery

-Dog care

-Cat care

-Foster an animal in need

-Miscellaneous office work

Fill in your info & schedule a date:

I agree

I certify that I am at least 16-years-old or older and agree to commit 5 hours to learning the ins and outs of the Toledo Humane Society before participating with any animal care volunteer work and I agree to pay the orientation fee before attending.