We're so glad you've chosen VEAP as your place to volunteer! If you are NOT a rising 9th-12th grader interested in this cohort program, close this tab and register through our Adult Fast Track application or Student Fast Track application instead.

As part of this program you will volunteer in the VEAP food pantry. During the COVID-19 pandemic, we’re asking our volunteers to be flexible while helping out in this area. Volunteers in the Pantry could be sorting through food donations, fulfilling participant orders by shopping through our pantry on their behalf, assisting participant’s as they load groceries into their vehicles, or assisting participant check-in as an outdoor intake volunteer. Outdoor intake is only for volunteers ages 18 and older.

To join the Future Light program and become a VEAP Volunteer:

1) Complete this registration form.

2) Select your preference for 1 of the 3 cohort options available for this program listed below.

3)VEAP will contact you to confirm your participation in this program.

We look forward to connecting with you soon!

If you have any questions, contact Courtney Flug, Volunteer Director, courtneyf@veap.org or 952.955.8325 OR our Volunteer Department at volunteerdept@veap.org or 952.955.8323.

Contact Information

Volunteer Health & Safety

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- Email Opportunities: Our Volunteer Department periodically emails volunteers about new opportunities at VEAP such as open positions, events, and more. Check this box if it's OK to receive news about new opportunities from us via email.

- Photography is OK: We use photos of volunteers for marketing purposes as well as for decoration on-site. Check this box if you are OK with us using photos of you volunteering.

Anything else you'd like us to know about you?

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Demographic Information

The information collected is used to help us better understand the different identities of our volunteer corps as well as in our annual report and for writing various grant proposals. Besides age, this section is completely voluntary so please select "prefer not to answer" for any questions you would like to skip.

Emergency Contact Information

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High School & Grade

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Cohort Selection

Future Light Intensive: Tuesday through Friday, June 21st-July 1st

Future Light Standard 1: Tuesday & Thursday (1 Wednesday), July 12th-August 4th

Future Light Standard 2: Monday & Wednesday, August 1st-August 24th


I agree that the above information provided is accurate as of the date of completion. I also understand that I may be asked additional information or be required to complete additional paperwork prior to my placement.
I understand that if I have questions about this form or volunteering for VEAP in general, I can contact the Volunteer Department at volunteerdept@veap.org or call 952.955.8323