Please complete this form to create your Greenhill volunteer account! Once you complete the form, click the submit button at the bottom.

Basic Information

Please enter your first and last name as you would like them to appear on your volunteer name badge. If your preferred name is different from your legal name, please enter your legal name in the following field.

Required Service Hours

Please let us know if you are volunteering to fulfill any required community service hours that you need signed off or otherwise verified by our organization. If you don't need required hours, please check "None."

If you do need required hours, please include the following information in the comment box below:

*Name of organization/program

*Number of hours needed

*By what date hours are needed

Demographic Information

Health or Physical Limitations

Please let us know of any health or physical limitations that might affect your ability to perform certain duties as a Greenhill Humane Society volunteer.

Emergency Contact

Please enter the information for who we should contact in case of an emergency.

For Volunteers Under the Age of 18

For volunteers under the age of 18, please list the full names of your parents or legal guardians.

Parent/Guardian/Youth or Support Teams

Please indicate if you will be coming out with a parent/guardian/youth or as a support team. Each person will need to have an individual application on file before signing up to volunteer. (Youth volunteers ages 12-15 must be with a parent/guardian during all shifts and trainings)

Volunteer Account Setup

Please create a password that you will use to log into your volunteer account. We are not able to access your password from our end, so please write it down right away.

I agree to commit to volunteering a minimum of one shift a week (2 hours a week) for no fewer than 6 months.

I will be on time for any scheduled shifts I have signed up for and will clock in promptly at the volunteer computer.

I will sign up for shifts in advance of coming out and will cancel shifts online or alert the Volunteer Department PRIOR TO any scheduled shifts I cannot make.

While doing my shift I agree to refrain from activities such as talking on a cell phone, texting, using earphones, etc.

I understand that if I have no reported hours for four (4) weeks my active status as a volunteer may be removed unless I have made other arrangements in advance with the Volunteer Department.

I also understand that if I do not schedule an in-person orientation within 30 days, my account will be deleted.

I acknowledge that I have read, understand and agree to all guidelines above.