Mississippi Aquarium Adult Volunteer Application Form

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Volunteer for Mississippi Aquarium!

Please make sure you have read and understand the requirements of the program prior to submitting this application.

All Mississippi Aquarium Volunteers are required to:

* Be at least 18 years of age or older

* Be a U.S. citizen or alien with the legal right to work in the US

* Be a great communicator

* Be passionate about aquatic life and conservation

* Have a working knowledge of computers and/or smart devices

* Volunteer independently in a fast-paced environment

* Submit an online application

* Be able to submit a $75 Volunteer Membership fee

* Commit to volunteering a minimum of 4 hours/month

* Pass a background check

* Sign and return all required paperwork, and participate in area-specific training

Please note: We do not offer court-appointed opportunities.

We are currently accepting applications, and will reach out if you are selected for an interview.

Member Number:

Please enter your Mississippi Aquarium Member Number here. If you need to purchase a membership, make sure to visit our website.

About You


What day(s) and time of day(s) are you available to volunteer? Check all that apply.

Volunteer Area Preferences

Please choose the areas that interest you. During your volunteer interview, we will go over all areas and find the best fit based on your interest, availability, and skills.

Short Answer

We would love to learn more about you. Take your time, and please do not leave any short answer questions blank. This section must be completed in order to be considered for our Volunteer Program.

What are your interests?

What interests you most about volunteering for Mississippi Aquarium?

What Do You Hope to Gain?

What do you hope to accomplish during your time as a volunteer with Mississippi Aquarium?

Why is Mississippi Aquarium Important?

In your own words, why do you think Mississippi Aquarium is an important organization?


What experiences and skills beyond those listed above will you be bringing to Mississippi Aquarium?

Emergency Contacts

Please provide us with an emergency contact.


If you have an email address, please provide it below. We use email communications to send weekly updates to volunteers and as the main form of communications as a whole to help keep volunteers informed.


I certify that all responses in this application are accurate and true.

I understand this application does not guarantee acceptance into Mississippi Aquarium’s Volunteer Program.

If I am accepted into Mississippi Aquarium’s Volunteer Program, I understand that I am expected to fulfill all requirements outlined above.

Any questions regarding the status of my application or about Mississippi Aquarium’s Volunteer Program should be emailed to volunteer@msaquarium.org

**The Aquarium does run a background check on all volunteers if selected**