Thank you for your interest in volunteering at the Second Chance Ranch!

The Ranch is a caring and cozy forever home for our senior and special needs residents! It is fully operated and funded by the kindness and generosity of our volunteers and donors. We could not offer sanctuary to our residents without them! We appreciate you signing up to be a part of our volunteer community, helping us provide sanctuary, love, and kindness to our furry residents.

Please note: This application is only for Volunteers 18 years of age or older and parents of Junior Visitors ages 12 to 15. Individuals ages 16 and 17 should complete the Jr Volunteer application and a parental consent form, in order to volunteer or visit the Ranch. Volunteers under the age of 12 are not able to volunteer at the Ranch at this time.

After completing the application, please ensure you click the Continue button at the bottom. Once your application is received and reviewed by one of our Volunteer Coordinators, you will then be sent a welcome letter with information on next steps. 

We look forward to having you join us at Second Chance Ranch!

Thank you again for your interest!

Personal Information

Please note: if you opt out of email you will not receive any introductory communications from us. In other words, you will not know if your application has been approved or what to do next. Thank you.

Volunteer Experience

Please briefly describe your relevant volunteer experience. Please provide the name of the organization, a brief summary of your roles and responsibilities, approximate length of service and contact information for the organization.


Briefly explain why you want to volunteer at Second Chance Ranch?

Your Availability

Second Chance Ranch is staffed by volunteers 24X7 to ensure the continuous care of our residents. To be successful, we need volunteers to commit to specific shifts or blocks of time. Please briefly describe your availability, including maximum number of hours per day, any preference for mornings, afternoons, evenings, overnights, weekdays, weekends, etc.

Your Passions and Interests

During a typical volunteer shift, volunteers may be asked to engage in a variety of tasks. 

What type of contributions would you like to make? Select all that interest you!

Restrictions/Special Preferences

Our on-site volunteers will likely engage in a variety of duties. Please describe any physical limitations (such as lifting more than 20 pounds, bending, climbing stairs, animal allergies, chemical sensitivities) which may impact your ability to perform on-site duties.

How did you hear about us?

Please let us know how you learned about our volunteer opportunities.

Do you want to volunteer with a child?

This application is only for Volunteers 18 years of age or older and parents of Junior Visitors ages 12 to 15. Individuals ages 16 and 17 should complete the Jr Volunteer application and a parental consent form, in order to volunteer or visit the Ranch. Volunteers under the age of 12 are not able to volunteer at the Ranch at this time. 

If your child is between the ages of 12 and 15 please note the following restrictions when visiting the Ranch. These have been put in place for the safety of our Junior Visitors and our senior residents:

  • One parent and one minor child (Junior Visitor) will be allowed at the Ranch per shift.
  • You must sign up for specific parent/child shifts and remain on the first floor of the Ranch. 
  • We need to have a signed parental consent on file for your child to volunteer at the Ranch.

What is the name and age of your minor child?

Emergency Contact

The safety and wellness of our volunteers is very important to us. Please provide the name and contact information of your primary Emergency Contact. Should you choose to include a second Emergency Contact, please add their contact information in any available field below.

Terms and Conditions

In consideration of this opportunity to volunteer for Second Chance Ranch, I agree to the following Terms and Conditions:

• I will act in accordance with the mission and values of Second Chance Ranch.

• I will attend and complete an orientation prior to beginning volunteer work with Second Chance Ranch.

• I will follow all rules, regulations, guidelines, and policies of Second Chance Ranch while I am a volunteer.

• I agree to be supervised by a Second Chance Ranch leader while I am on site at the Second Chance Ranch.

• I agree to work as a team member with all volunteers.

• I will treat other volunteers and the general public with dignity and respect.

If I sign up for a shift or activity, I will commit to it and I will contact the Volunteer Coordinator or other leader as far in advance as possible if I cannot attend or complete my shift.

• In the event of a scheduling issue, I will never leave the Second Chance Ranch unattended for any reason.

• I agree to treat all residents with kindness and concern for their wellbeing.

• I understand that the safety of our residents, volunteers, and grounds is our top priority.

• I agree that if I bring a child under the age of 15 to Second Chance Ranch, the child will remain constantly under my supervision, that the child is not considered a volunteer, and that Second Chance Ranch will be held harmless in the event of harm or injury to the child.

• I understand that while volunteering at an animal shelter is rewarding, it is also a great amount of work. Second Chance Ranch will rely on me for help when I sign up for shifts - whether it be for walking dogs, cleaning messes, or doing laundry, etc.

• I understand Second Chance Ranch appreciates flexibility and working together toward a common goal.

• I have accurately and truthfully completed this Volunteer Application and Agreement.

• I understand that my profile may be deleted after 2 months of inactivity.

If accepted as a volunteer for Second Chance Ranch, a non-profit corporation run by volunteers, I realize I am not a paid employee and am not covered by any workers' compensation insurance or any other insurance or guaranteed medical payment coverage which would compensate me should I be injured while on the premises of Second Chance Ranch or off the premises while volunteering for Second ChanceRanch.

As a volunteer with Second Chance Ranch, I recognize and acknowledge that volunteering at an animal shelter can be a very physically demanding task and might bother some people with allergies. While some of these requirements and areas may not apply to me and my specific volunteer opportunity, I understand the risk involved.

I recognize that in handling animals there exists a risk of injury including physical harm caused by the animals. On behalf of myself, my heirs, personal representatives and executors, I hereby fully release, discharge, indemnify and hold harmless forever Second Chance Ranch, its corporation officers, directors, board of directors, agents, servants, and other volunteers from any and all things, acts, omission or conditions which may cause me damage or injury or any other problems in any way connected with my services for Second Chance Ranch including, but not limited to, animal bites or scratches, accidents, injuries, property damages or veterinary fees. I understand that I cannot be covered under Second Chance Ranch’s insurance and I must have my own health insurance provider.

I know of no medical or other condition which would prevent me from volunteering at Second Chance Ranch.

I understand that, as a volunteer, I cannot represent Second Chance Ranch in any legal or incident matters.

I give Second Chance Ranch authority to seek emergency treatment, if necessary, in the event of an accident. I understand that in the event of an accident while performing volunteer services, I will not be covered by workers’ compensation for medical costs. I fully understand that I am responsible for all medical costs in the event of an accident.

I understand that because I may handle animals, it is important to have a tetanus vaccination prior to volunteering and to discuss and understand the importance of being vaccinated with my physician. I understand that whatever decision I make is at my own risk and if my vaccination is not current, I release Second Chance Ranch from all responsibility and liability in the event of personal injury and any complications as the result of me not pursuing the matter further.

Safety is the primary concern at Second Chance Ranch. All volunteers MUST read and accept the terms below prior to volunteering at Second Chance Ranch, and prior to using any chemicals and/or cleaning agents. Proper chemical and cleaning agent dilution and application are essential to an effective cleaning regimen and necessary for the safety of persons using the chemicals. I understand the importance of properly using the chemicals and cleaning agents used at Second Chance Ranch.

Checking "I agree" indicates that I have read, understand, and agree to the above and I am 18 years of age or older 

I certify that all information on this application is true to the best of my knowledge. I understand that filling out a volunteer application does not guarantee my acceptance into the volunteer program.