Please complete this volunteer application form if you are interested in becoming a Junior Volunteer at the SPCA Monterey County. Junior Volunteers are ages 12-17. Volunteers age 12-15 need to be accompanied by an adult at all times. This adult must also fill out an application. Once you click continue, you will receive an email reply to confirm receipt of your application.

Name and address

General information

Please select a day and time you can volunteer.

We ask volunteers to serve one shift per week (usually 3 hours), and to schedule in advance.

Emergency Contact

Please indicate an emergency contact other than the adult you will be volunteering with.

Parent/Adult Volunteer

Who will be volunteering with you? Please have your adult/parent submit an adult volunteer application. For Junior Volunteers with service hours to complete, your supervising adult should fill-out the sections relevant to your service hours on a separate adult application.

Service Learning

Are you volunteering to complete service hours? What are the hours for? Please check the appropriate box and list the school, grade level, and/or organization below.

What inspired you to volunteer with the SPCA?

Do you currently live with any pets? What types?

Have you had any animal or volunteer experience?

If so, where? What type? For how long?

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To provide a more rewarding volunteer experience, please share your feelings on one of the following topics: (Responding is optional)

What animals mean to you

What volunteering means to you

How do you respect wildlife in our community?

Animal Protection

Please be aware that the SPCA is an organization that never turns away animals that need sheltering or care. This means that we accept animals into our care with aggression, temperament, and/or medical issues that other organizations will not accept. Those animals that cannot be successfully treated or re-habilitated are humanely put to sleep. If you have more questions about this, please contact our Volunteer Program Manager.


I understand and agree that submitting this application form does not guarantee acceptance into the volunteer program. I understand there are requirements I must meet before I am able to volunteer.

I also understand that upon successful interview, I am required to pay the Volunteer Administration fee, $30. This fee covers uniform, training and training materials

To my knowledge, the information I have provided is accurate and true.