Thank you for your interest in our Elmhurst Volunteer Program.

You will be contacted based upon availability of positions.

Teen Applicants will be accepted during open enrollment from May 2 -May 20, 2022.

The next Teen orientation will be in the fall. Any applications submitted after May 20 will not be accepted.


Personal Information

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Volunteering at Elmhurst Hospital

Briefly describe your reason for choosing Elmhurst Hospital. TEENS, please include any sports, clubs, activities and achievements in this section

Volunteer or Customer Service Experience

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Skills and Interest

Physical activities & hobbies

Some volunteer positions require standing and walking for long periods of time, please describe your level of activity?

Volunteer Hour Requirement

Are you required by court order or school requirment to serve volunteer hours? How many hours?

Criminal History

Have you ever entered a plea other than "not guilty", pleaded "nolo contendere", or been convicted of a crime either felony or misdemeanor?


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Agreement Statement

I certify that the statements made in this volunteer application are true and correct. I understand that this information may be disclosed to any party with legal and proper interest and I release Elmhurst Memorial Hospital to contact any of my schools, former employers or other references to provide applicable information relevant to the volunteer position for which I am applying. Representatives of Elmhurst Memorial Hospital, in separate documentation, will ask to obtain a criminal background report. I understand that this consent is valid for the duration of my volunteer assignment. I release Elmhurst Memoiral Hospital as well as any schools, employers, law enforcement authorities or other references from any liability as a result of the verification process. I understand that if I falsified any information or omitted any material facts, termination of volunteer assignment may result at any time. I agree to abide by requirements set by the Volunteer Services Department, which includes annual medical screening and annual safety training.