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Reminder about being in the program:

  • No more than two animals may walk together at a time.
  • Be aware of the faces and energy of people as you approach with your animal.  Watch their body language.
  • Not everyone is comfortable with animals, so be mindful of this.  Do not assume everyone loves animals.
  • Explain this is a therapy dog and we work with the Airport chaplains. (Most people are not aware we have this program.)
  • People who do like animals are pretty enthusiastic, so make sure you explain that your animal is friendly.  
  • Be mindful of the animal's energy and interaction so everyone feels safe.
  • Always bring a “bag” or two in case your animal needs to relieve themselves.  
  • If the animal drools, have a cloth or something to wipe off.
  • Enjoy your time and know that you and your animal can make a difference in providing an opportunity for others to feel safe, joyful, and relaxed.

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