Thanks for your interest in volunteering with the Huntsville Botanical Garden. Please complete this application form to begin the process of becoming a volunteer.  Once you complete the form, click the "Continue" button at the bottom. Please note that submitting an application does not guarantee acceptance into the Volunteer Program.

Note: There are limited volunteer opportunities on weekends, and some assignment areas are only offered on certain days of the week. More information will be provided during orientation.

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Our Core Vaules

HBG's Core Values define how we behave, and they should be expressed through our work every day.

Embrace Curiosity

Ask why. Welcome change. Pursue inspiration, innovation, and creativity. Accept diversity of thought. Seek to understand others' perspectives. Incorporate new ideas. Strive for continuous improvement. Have humility when you do not know an answer. Set aside time to learn.

 Collaborate with Compassion

Work together towards our shared goals. Lift up your teammates and their strengths. Recognize how your actions affect others. Communicate courageously and honestly. Express gratitude for constructive feedback. Offer to lend a hand. Welcome and celebrate diversity. Demonstrate respect, kindness, and genuine care. Act with sincerity, authenticity, and intentionality. Resist judgement. Practice generosity. Dare to be vulnerable.

 Exemplify Expertise

Strive to be an expert in your area. Take pride in your contributions to our shared goals. Build upon your strengths. Seek to improve upon your weaknesses. Inspire others to deliver their best. Work thoughtfully and proactively. Communicate clearly. Take initiative. Accept accountability. Act with integrity.


 Look Forward

Honor the past by preparing for the future. Focus on the "why" of our work. Believe in our mission. Steward our resources. Consider your mid-term and long-term impact. Pursue new ways to work efficiently and effectively. Set high standards. Strive for excellence.


Take Time to Celebrate

Find joy in your work. Capture moments of success. Appreciate personal and team victories. Embrace the experience of the Garden. Cultivate your personal relationship with plants.  Show gratitude for your natural surroundings. Embody our mission authentically.

Assignment Preference

Please indicate any areas of interest. We may or may not be filling positions in all listed areas at the time of your application. Brief assignment descriptions can be found on the Huntsville Botanical Garden website in the “Volunteer” section ( of assignments for each volunteer area are listed below.  

Note: All volunteers working with minors will be required to complete a background check. 


Administrative Administrative Support 

Conservation and Curation ConservationMapping & Plant RecordsPlant Labels 

Galaxy of Lights: Galaxy Crew 

Garden: Wednesday Guys (Handyman Projects) 

Guest Services: Shuttle Driver, Raptor Show 

Horticulture: Plant Sales, Site Work, Native Plant Nursery, Greenhouse, Grubbers, etc. 

Learning and Public Engagement: Butterfly House, Docent, Family Programming Volunteer, School Field Trips, Youth Education Program 

Major EventsGreeters, Shuttle Driver, Ticket Scanners, etc. 

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Special Assistance

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Liability Waiver

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Volunteer Agreement, Liability and Waiver

I certify that the information given in this application is true and correct and has been given voluntarily. I
understand that this information may be disclosed to any party with legal interest, and I release Huntsville
Botanical Garden from any liability whatsoever for supplying such information. I understand that I will not be
paid for my services as a volunteer, and I will adhere to any training received under the direction of staff.
Huntsville Botanical Garden is not responsible for an injury or accident that may occur during my participation
as a volunteer in any activity or event. I understand by checking the “I Agree” box below that I assume full
responsibility as a volunteer and I hereby release and hold harmless and covenant not to file suit against
Huntsville Botanical Garden or its employees, officers, directors, and any affiliated individuals (“releases”)
associated with my participation for any loss, liability or claims arising out of my participation, including any
claim for personal injury or damage suffered by me or others, whether caused by falls, contact with
participants, conditions of the facility or grounds, negligence of the releases or otherwise.
The Huntsville Botanical Garden has taken, and will continue to take, necessary steps to protect staff,
volunteers, and guests. By signing below, I certify that I will follow CDC guidelines for preventing the spread
of COVID-19. Currently, these guidelines include (but are not limited to) maintaining appropriate social
distance of 6 feet at all times, washing hands frequently for at least 20 seconds, disinfecting frequently
touched surfaces, and wearing a face mask or face covering when appropriate. In addition, if I experience any
symptoms of illness or have been around others that are ill, I will refrain from volunteering for the time
period recommended by the CDC for self-quarantine and/or as instructed by the Huntsville Botanical Garden.
If I do not agree to these terms, I understand that I am not allowed to participate in the Garden volunteer