Garden Guides advance the educational mission of the Garden by sharing cultural, historical, and horticultural information with visitors on daily public tours and with private tour groups. Guide training is a long process that includes periods of self-study and mentorship. After completing training, guides are asked to commit to at least 24 volunteer hours (or 2 tours per month) per year for a period no shorter than two years.

Please note: All volunteers and staff of Portland Japanese Garden must be fully vaccinated for COVID-19. Proof of vaccination will be asked for at the first guide training event. 

Thank you for your interest in the Japanese Garden. Our Tour and Volunteer Coordinator looks forward to speaking with you soon!

Contact Information

Emergency Contact Information

Please provide an emergency contact.

Education and Employment History

Please briefly tell us about your education and employment experience.

Volunteer Experience

Please tell us about any previous volunteer roles you've had and what you liked the most and least about those positions.

Volunteer Commitment

Being a Garden Guide is a lengthy volunteer commitment. Please address how you would manage the demands of guide training and guiding when added to your current schedule.

Are you comfortable speaking in public?

Please tell us about your public speaking experience.

Have you ever worked with the following audiences:

children, young adults, seniors, and people with mobility restrictions? If yes, in what capacity and which are you most interested in working with?

Are you fluent in another language/s?

If so, which language/s and are you willing to give tours in that language/s?

Please list any relevant skills or trainings

Is there anything else you'd like us to know?